Cookies are always a delightful experience. Try out some of our easy and simple cookie recipes on this mother's day.

Cookie Recipes

In recent times, cookies have emerged as among the best refreshing food items to enjoy. More so because they are a delight to have on any occasion: be it birthdays, tea parties or Christmas celebration; the savour of the celebrations gets multiplied with their presence. These small, baked treats are tremendously delicious and are sure to give any person the full satisfaction of having them. What's more, a box of cookies can prove to be the perfect gift to your mom on mother's day as well. But before you do that, reflect on this: how many times has she cooked something for you on your special demand? Many, for sure, right? And how many times how many times has your mother tasted this delightful delicious foodstuff, baked by you? Chances are, not even once. So here's your plan to gift her with something you've been thinking about for days. This mother's day, surprise your mom by putting some efforts and making cookies for her, thereby, transforming the day into one of the most memorable for you both.

Cookies do wonders but the only thing you have to keep in mind is the flavour and type of cookie you are going to pick, or rather, cook. And when talking about homemade cookies, you have plenty of options opened for you: right from the famous chocolate chips cookies to the low fat cookies. While chocolate rich cookies please all, low fat butter cookies serves best to the health conscious. Surprisingly, they are easy to make and will not consume much of your time. So go ahead and bake some to suit the needs and tastes of your mother. You can also present them in a gift basket or serve them as afternoon tea snacks. This mother's day, you can also try out our cookie recipes, which are delicious, pretty and perfect for moms! Further sub-sections of the page are rich in exquisite treats you can bake for your mom, on her special day. Read on to explore these simple yet appetising recipes. Happy Baking!