Let your mother know how much you love her! Read more to find about those cheerful, bright flowers, which will boost the spirit of motherhood.

Mother's Day Flowers

As Abraham Lincoln said, "I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." Yes, your mother is that flower of love that has showered on you the true meaning of love and compassion. Your mother has always been there by your side whenever you wanted her. Gift the special person of your life, your mother with a pleasing bouquet of flowers. You should also realize that each flower has a meaning attached with it. As you scroll further, you will come to know the different types of flowers that will help you communicate your message to your mother. On this special occasion of mother's day, show her how much she means to you. Speak the eloquent language of flowers and fill this day with the perfect expression of love. Make the occasion of mother's day vibrant and energetic with the help of cheerful, bright flowers. Appreciate your mom for who she is and let her enjoy the charming breeze of the occasion.

Popular Mother's Day Flowers
White carnations are regarded as traditional Mother's Day flowers. Pink carnations are a figure of love and gratitude while red carnations indicate admiration. They are given in admiration of those mothers who are no longer alive. White carnations hold a special significance for Mother's Day. Anna Jarvis is known as the founder of Mother's Day. In 1908, the first service was organized in her memory in a church in West Virginia. At this service, Anna Jarvis's daughter also called Anna, distributed white carnations as they were her mother's favorite. In 1913, when the House of Representatives adopted a resolution with regard to the Mother's Day, white carnations gained special importance. The resolution made it compulsory for the officials of the federal government to wear white carnations on Mother's Day.

A bouquet of tulips will surely brighten your Mother's Day. Tulips are the symbol of love. In specific, pink tulips are symbol of care whereas as red signify love. Yellow tulips, which are always popular signify are symbol of cheerful thoughts.

Daisies And Sunflowers
Daisies and sunflowers are a perfect combination for a bouquet. A bright yellow sunflower can be a cheerful addition to any bouquet. It also conveys respect and adoration. This Mother's Day gift a bunch of daisies and let her know how beautiful she is as daisies are symbol of beauty. You can choose gerbera daisies, which signify cheerfulness and playfulness.

No occasion is complete without the ultimate love expresser 'roses'. Widely blooming, roses of different colors convey different meanings. Yellow roses bespeak devotion. Roses in white are symbol of purity. Pink roses are considered to be a symbol of joy. So, this mother's day why not tell your mother how special she is by giving her roses!

A white lily is the symbol of purity and majesty. This extremely popular flower is used as a symbol of literature and art. In China, lily is considered as symbol of motherhood. It is believed that in ancient times in China, mothers planted lily when children left home. So, why not lilies on this Mother's Day!

Violets signify devotion and faithfulness. A lovely bouquet of violets will make your mother happy and always remind her of your appreciation of her devotion towards family.

It's their exotic appearance, which makes orchids a hot favorite. Orchids are symbol of love and beauty. This Mother's Day choose orchids and surprise your mother with something different!

Gift your mother a bunch of lively flowers and honor herwith love and gratitude.Make your mother feel happy for being your guiding force and bringing you up to that you are today. You can also send flowers from USA to India for your mother through online shopping sites.