Why not add a lot more fun to your Mother's Day celebration? You can include a quiz competition on Mother's Day as the part of your celebration.

Mother's Day Quiz

Mother's Day is one of those celebrations, which are celebrated all across the world. Apart from prayers that are held at the church, there are other gatherings that happen at homes as well. No wonder why mother's day is considered the third most celebrated holiday across the globe. There are many ways to celebrate the mother's day. Why not add some real fun to the celebrations by including a quiz on mother's day. Mother is a very special part of every human being's life and today when mother's day is celebrated with all pomp and gaiety you will have enough fun at such an activity that will be held at the occasion. A mother's day trivia quiz can always fit into the bill. The quiz can be arranged on questions based on mother's day as well as on questions on any specific mother in your neighborhood itself. How to make the mother's day special totally depends upon you. If you are planning a quiz on mother's day, you can get some serious help from the questionnaire that is provided.

Questions On Mother's Day
If you are holding a gathering at your place for Mother's Day, you can have a fun time by asking questions about your mother itself. For this quiz you should do the necessary arrangements at least a day before. Choose the participants and you should collect the information needed for your quiz from their respective mothers. When all is settled, you can have a ball at your quiz competition with these questions. You can add many more to these.
  • What is your mom's favorite dish?
  • What is your mom's favorite perfume?
  • What is her favorite color?
  • Who is her favorite actor?
  • What does she do in her leisure time?
  • Which is the latest book she has read?
  • Who is her favorite author?
  • What is her favorite flower?
  • What is the first gift that your dad gifted her?
Given below are some questions on official mother's day. If you are planning a bigger level competition like that of a school level, you can have a serious quiz on mother's Day. Here are a few questions based on mother's day trivia.
  • When is Mother's Day celebrated?
    Answer: The second Sunday of every month of May
  • Identify the famous name associated with Mother's Day?
    Answer: Anna Jarvis
  • Which country was the first to recognize Mothers Day?
    Answer: England
  • What was Mothering Sunday?
    Answer: The day the household servants returned to be with their mothers.
  • What brought an end to Mothering Sunday?
    Answer: The Industrial Revolution
  • What was the favorite flower of Mrs. Jarvis?
    Answer: White Carnation
  • What is the official flower for Mother's Day?
    Answer: Red Carnation
  • When was the first Mother's Day observed?
    Answer: May 10, 1908
  • Where are the flowers you buy mom for Mother's Day grown?
    Answer: Columbia, California
  • What is the median age of women that give birth for the first time?
    Answer: 24.8yrs
  • What states were the first American Mother's Day was celebrated in?
    Answer: West Virginia and Pennsylvania
  • What was the first state to issue a proclamation for a day honoring mothers?
    Answer:  West Virginia
  • Where was the first Mother's Day service held?
    Answer:  Andrews Methodist Church
  • When was Mother's Day officially declared?  
    Answer:  May 8, 1914
  • In France, what is Mother's Day referred to as?
    Answer: Fete des Meres