History has seen several celebrity mother-daughter duos. Read about some of the most famous celebrity kids of celebrity mothers.

Kids Of Celebrity Mothers

Whether you agree or disagree, only a successful mother can lead her kid to success because kids follow the footsteps of their mother. Often we forget that mothers are individuals too, they have their own life to live. They have their favorite hobbies to enjoy, skill to develop, steps to climb but often when the motherhood is bestowed on them, they forget about themselves and live for their children. The stories of mothers who lived as promising individual and fantastic moms will be an inspirations to other mothers to horn their skills and face the world again. However, it is time for mothers too to realize their potential and utilize it for the best. Motherhood should never be a hindrance, it should be an inspiration to go ahead and capture the heights. Mothers should pave paths for their children and teach them how to proceed to the horizons of career without failing to fulfill the requirements of their personal life.

It is not essential that you should sacrifice something, you can try managing both without attempting any sacrifice so that you regret later. There are many such women who are strong enough to balance their individuality and motherhood. Ii is true that your child needs you but it is not a reason to run away from your personal life which, at a later time, you may regret. It is quite possible to manage both personal and professional lives without letting one hinder the other. In the history of famous personalities, you can find quite a few famous mother-daughter duoswho have made a mark in their own fields. It shows that daughters learn from mothers and get inspired to learn more about how to keep oneself happy proceeding to successful career without affecting their family life. Carrie Fisher, famous American actor, is daughter to Debbie Reynolds, a successful person in the same industry. Erin Hamilton again, is the daughter of Carol Burnett, an actor. Jerry Hall, the super model, is the daughter of Elizabeth Jagger, famous singer. Lorna Luft, another celebrity kid and popular singer is daughter of Judy Garland who is also blessed with singing. These mothers never restricted themselves inside the four walls of their home, sacrificing themselves to bring up their children. Instead, they stepped out, pursued their passion and became successful in their career while at the same time enjoyed their motherhood. They acted as a model for their kids and showed them how to win the heights. These celebrity mothers inspired their children and told them what this world gives to successful person. You can see the tales of some successful mothers and daughters in this section. Go through them and get inspired.

Famous daughter of a famous mother: