The celebrity mother and child Erin Hamilton and Carol Burnett have made a mark in the showbiz industry.

Erin Hamilton And Carol Burnett

Erin Hamilton is an American electronic dance singer and the daughter of Carol Burnett, who is an American actress, comedian, dancer, singer and writer. Carol won various awards and recognition for her contribution to the entertainment industry. Her "Carol Burnett show" was amongst the most popular shows of her career and Erin Hamilton; her daughter grew up watching the Carol Burnett show ever Friday until she was around eleven years old. Erin was very influenced by her mother and she wanted to be on the stage just like her mother, but sadly Erin Hamilton wasn't too good of an actress and her interest lay in music; both writing and performing. Erin has given many hits including "The Flame", "Control Yourself", "Dream Weaver" and her debut album "One World".

Carol Burnett was extremely supportive of her daughter's talent and nurtured her talents from early childhood. Carol knew that her daughter was meant to sing and dance and was very encouraging when it came to fulfilling her dreams. She attended her daughter's shows and was very proud to see her inspiring performances which received so much love and affection from her fans. Even when Erin was a kid, Carol made videos of her singing to encourage her daughter. She kept a tape recorder under her bed to record her singing blues and fun things she used to sing about her kindergarten boyfriend. So, it was at this early age that Erin's singing talent was recognized and honed.

Carol Burnett also gave her daughter advice about how to deal with her stage fright. She advised her that she should concentrate on whom she was performing for and work towards getting herself out of the nervous and uncomfortable situation. It is a great delight to watch Erin perform. Whenever she performs, it seems that she is in a different world and makes her performances an absolute treat for the audience, just like her mother.

Carol was not only supportive about the career and singing talent of her daughter. She also tried understanding Erin's personal life. Erin was homosexual in nature and her encounter with Erin's girlfriend and the girlfriend's suicide incident left her in shock. Erin had also undergone a divorce from her ex-husband recently. Mostly she was left freaked out because she was very protective about her daughter and she loved her and her grandson way too much and the fear of this incident affecting them affected her. An incident dealing with suicide and a homosexual relationship would leave any mother in shock. Although Erin didn't completely expect her mother to understand this part of her life she loved her mother tremendously and wanted that she and her son Zach be integral parts of her mothers and her husband's life.

Erin was very fortunate to be from a family that spawned so much creative talent. From having a father who was a jazz musician to a mother who was an exceptional actor and comedian, Erin was privileged to be so close to these inspirational people in life. Although she found the entertainment industry nothing special while growing up, she enjoyed the legacy and joy her family brought to the entertainment world later on. She admired her mother for the work she did and the entertainment value she introduced. And with her support and encouragement Hamilton has forged her own path, and she is truly a famous and successful daughter of an equally famed mother.