Motherhood is a blessing. Here we provide some insight into how it feels to be a mother and the secrets to be an ideal mom.


It's a privilege to be a mother. Motherhood is the greatest blessing in any woman's life. Motherhood is a symbol of love, kindness and forgiveness. A mother's touch is the first human touch in a child's life. A mother's heart is filled with a never-exhausting love for her children. She lives and dies for them. A mother is the most beautiful woman in the child's eyes. It is a mother's love, pure and unadulterated, which nourishes a child and helps him to see and understand the cruel and the harsh world where he is destined to spend the rest of his life. Only a mother knows how it feels to be a mother. Mothers shoulder a huge responsibility of instilling the good and the bad in her child's heart. Being a mother is tough. A mother's every action and word is under the deepest scrutiny and therefore, she is always over cautious of her conduct. Whether you are a single mother or an ideal mother trying to be a role model for your child, you can benefit from the parenting tips given in the subsequent sections. Motherhood is filled with joys and challenges, ups and downs, smiles and tears. It is one of the most incredible and transitional phase of your life.You may be wondering about those exciting changes happening to your body and what to anticipate when you have a baby.

You have been waiting for this moment as you walked through every aspect of pregnancy, from getting pregnant to giving birth, from breast-feeding to financial planning. As a mother, you should self-congratulate yourself on your awesome parenting. You have been level-headed and your consistent parenting has turned your kid into a star athlete, whom teachers praise for his/her flexibility and independence. The most important part is try to live the moment and enjoy both the sunshine and the squalls ahead.You will have to embrace motherhood in the quieter moments those few and far between moments of motherhood when you can drink in the love of your child and fully cherish your role as a mother. And in these quite moments of mothering, you will realize that you are their center of universe.Here we let out the secrets of being an ideal mom.