Read about working mothers, single working mothers, and the impact of their career on the child's life.

Working Mothers

A working mother is a woman who possesses extraordinary flair for balancing her family responsibilities and her responsibilities as an employee. As the only caregiver and bread earner, a working woman strives to excel in both. In recent times, there has been an excellent rise in the number of working mothers. But the job of a working mother isn't easy as she is bound to strike the right balance so that the family members do not feel neglected on account of her career. Apart from fulfilling her personal commitments, she also has to make sure not to lag behind when it comes to fulfilling her job responsibilities. Instead of looking for sympathy and consideration from her employee and colleagues, she should try and succeed in not giving anybody a chance to differentiate her from her full-time devoted women co-workers without family responsibilities. Modern studies have rebutted the opinion that "a working woman harms her child's personal development".

Working Mother And Impact On Child
It has been found that working mothers show greater maternal sensitivity or responsiveness to their children, as compared to stay-at-home moms. It is not only the quantity of time that matters for your children but also the quality. Studies have shown that when a working mother is with her kids for a concentrated time at the beginning and end of each workday, she is generally more "present" than if she is with her kids all day long. Some studies have also shown that part-time employment does hardly have any negative impact, nor does it matter whether a mother works full time after the first year. It has also been found to be true that working mothers possess better mental health, and are capable of building better and healthier relationships within the family. Plus, they also boost the household income, which also contributes towards the child's development.

Single Working Mother
The role of a working woman, that too a single working mother, is extremely tough and highly challenging. Such a role undoubtedly calls for a woman with plenty of emotional strength and firm determination. The success of single working mothers over the years has established the fact that idea of working mother doesn't have any deleterious impact on child. The fact that even single mothers can set excellent standards and above par examples when it comes to raising children, has now been reinforced by several studies. A working mother is also a different kind of role model for a child. A working mother's child learns early on the importance of working and may actually come to value the limited time spent with his or her mother more than a child who spend all day with his or her non-working mother. Ultimately, a stronger work ethic may be established early on for the child whose mother works outside the home. Still working mothers in many fields experience conflicts between motherhood and professional advancement. Many report that once they have children, colleagues or superiors, in particular do not take their professional aspirations as seriously, if they quit working for a time to stay at home with their children. With changing times, the society is now more considerate, supportive and receptive to this new genre of working mothers.