A mother daughter relationship is considered to be the most blessed relationship in the entire universe. Read more and share memories on the relationship between mother and daughter.

Mother Daughter Relationship

Mother is the ultimate symbol of love and care. It is when a child is born does a women enter the beautiful world of motherhood. A mother is attached to her children and expects them to offer nothing in return but just love. They expect their daughters to be just like them and possess a special rapport towards them. It is not simple to put in words the relation that they share. Daughters consider their mom as their idols and aspire to be like them. At a particular stage of life, a daughter has to leave her parents' home and go to a new family. Here, she finds handy the lessons taught by her mother. This tradition continues with her daughter as well and hence the chain goes on and on. Thus, the relation that the mother-daughter holds is indeed special and very important. A mother expects her daughter to be able to overcome any difficulties that may come in her way and to be more successful than her.

All daughters have great expectations from their mothers. They look up to her as their role model. Daughters learn from their mothers be it work, family management, relationships, mothering, etc. At every stage of life, a mother is supportive and caring that forms the basis of her daughter's life. A mother brings up her daughter with utmost care and affection. With her wealth of experience, a mother ensures that her daughter is
capable enough to lead life without any difficulties. She passes down the values of leading a family successfully and is her daughter's best companion. The lessons of self-respect and self-esteem are those that a mother teaches her daughter to keep up throughout their life. On this special eve of Mother's day, add more strength to this ever durable bond.

Relationship Between Mother And Daughter

"I thought my mom's whole purpose was to be my mom.
That's how she made me feel."- Natasha Gregson Wagner

She was true saying that and at the end of the day, you find your mother living in you. There is always a part of the mother living in every daughter's heart. The mother-daughter bond is truly fragile but unbreakable. Though most women don't acknowledge, they share a very strong bond with their mothers.

Most of the mothers want their daughters to be grown up like them. They watch their daughters grow eagerly worrying about their daughter's survival - physically, psychologically, socially, and even sexually. They watch their daughters grow with great expectations for their life as they give the love and care for their upbringing all their life and hope their daughters wouldn't have to face a life that they experienced. They train their daughters accordingly as well taking the experiences from their life. The mother, with her wealth of experience offers wise insight and knowledge into her daughter's life that at a point they begin to grow together. Until and unless any girl reaches that period of her life when she has to make a life of her own, little does she understands what her mother was to her. Life is like a roller coaster for every woman, the kind of changes that she faces all through her life is quite Brobdingnagian. Life becomes more complex with her age and the best companion she can age along with is her mother. Mothers teach them to love, respect, encourage and complete a family. Every daughter looks out to her mother while growing up. It is the self-respect and the feel of self-esteem that a mother teaches a daughter that leads to her own well-being.

A Pennsylvania State University has revealed that despite conflicts and complicated emotions, about 80 to 90 per cent of women at midlife reported a good relationship with their mother. It is a great bond that a mother and daughter share with each other and it's so close that everything from health to relationships can be affected by it.