Mother's Day is a time to celebrate motherhood and honor your mom with love and affection. Read to find funny & hilarious jokes on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Jokes

Mother's Day is just the perfect day to thank the person who has touched your heart and life, your mother. A mother has the strongest and quietest influence on her child. She takes care of us, loves us, balances so many roles and does all this with a smile. She is the one who protects us from all perceivable dangers. She is the one who kisses our wounds away. A mother is the one whom we hold when we want to go out. There are a number of memories and incidents which bind you with her, but there is little you have done for her. Be it your first steps your college degree or your first job, she was always there for you. She is the greatest person any human being can ever have. Though we feel it in our hearts, it is time we conveyed out gratitude to her, by gifting her one of the best moments of her life this Mother's Day. One of the best gifts that you can present to your mother is a day off from the daily chores, allowing her to relax while you guys take on her work.

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to pay tribute to your mother who has indeed been the greatest blessing of God on you. Pamper your mother with loads of gifts to let her know how special she is for you and what place she holds in your life. Apart from gifting, you can also lighten the day with some humorous and funny jokes to add a little special spark to your mother's eyes. You can either pen them down on a card and give it to her or enact them to add drama to the entire Mother's Day environment. As an add-on, you can include other members of the family who will comment and participate in the humorous activity. And your mother is definitely going to enjoy the variety of jokes with everyone. In this section, you will find a hilarious collection of jokes complied especially for the occasion of Mother's Day. Share them and enjoy your lighter side and laugh your heart out. Be sure to resist your laughter…..