You are celebrating the first Mother's Day after becoming a mother yourself. Experience the joy of being a mother this Mother's Day.

First Mother's Day

"The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven."
~William Goldsmith Brown
Motherhood fulfills the life of a woman. There is no music sweeter than the first cry of one's child for every mother as when a baby is born so is the mother. Celebrating motherhood dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks. A woman's first mother's day bring to any woman's mind a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. In today's world when people are looking for every single opportunity to celebrate, why not celebrate the first mother's day of your life as well? Every new mother will be waiting for that opportunity to sing the praises at her first Mother's Day. It is the perfect time to enjoy the bliss of being a mother when you are holding your baby tight to feel your heartbeat in your baby. It is that moment when you are proud of being a mother of your adorable child. Make the new mother feel how special she is by celebrating the first mother's day with all the friends and relatives. Let this be a small form of gratitude that is showered upon her.

How To Celebrate First Mother's Day

Spare Some Time For Her

First mother's day is something that a woman will cherish all her life. But since at the first mother's day baby will be too small to greet its mother and make the day for her, the task of making the first mother's day a memorable one lies in the hands of the husband. It is the husband who can make it the best day in the life of his wife after she gave birth to your beautiful child. This can be taken as the most favorable chance for you to acknowledge her of your gratitude and love towards her. The best way to celebrate your wife's first mother's day is by gifting her some time. Give her a day's rest and handle the baby all by yourself at least for a day. Try feeding the baby, changing the nappies and making it sleep all for at least a day. You should also realize that taking care of the baby a whole day is not at all an easy task. This is the best gift that you can give your wife on her first Mother's Day.

Hold A Small Gathering
Arrange a small party at your house, inviting all your near and dear ones. Let them all rejoice for the new mother and the new baby.

Pamper the new mother with lots of flowers along with some meaningful cards. You can also gift her things like a new dress that she dreamt of wearing after she returns to her shape. You can even gift her nice pendants, or books on childcare or books on parenting and the list goes on.

Thanking Your Mother
For every woman being a mother herself is the right time to realize the importance of her own mother. Take this as the right time to thank your mother for everything that she has done for you and for being there.