Our section on Mother's Day poems contains some beautiful poems highlighting the virtues of mom. This also comprises of some kid poems for Mother's day.

Mother's Day Poems

Mother is, probably, one of those few words whose very mention inspires a flurry of emotions in the heart of even the cruelest person. If god is one who cares for you, guides you and helps you thrive successfully on earth, then mother is nothing less than an extension of the omnipresent. The moment she delivers a new life, she is catapulted to a completely new level - a mother from an ordinary woman. A mother cannot think anything beyond her child and in her efforts to make her child capable of facing the world with confidence, she gets comfortable into a small world that revolves around her kids and family. Nothing can reciprocate your mother's love, care, and concern, but you should express something as a token of appreciation of what she had done for you. You don't need to be extravagant or buy some expensive gifts for your mother; a word of appreciation and love could make her heard overwhelmed with joy. Yes, a mother's heart is more delicate than a petal.

The word mother has stirred the imagination of people since time immemorial, resulting into a great outpouring of emotion, finding its way through poetry and literature. We all become poetic, in one way or the other, when it comes to describing or remembering our mom. A few poetic words, expressing our love and care, mean the world to her. Poems are surely the best way to express our feelings for the most wonderful person on Mother's Day. Nothing can match the melody and fragrance of these poems and would be ideal for this beautiful occasion. There can be numerous ways how you convey your feelings through these poems. You can either write poems on the cards or scribble them on the special gift-wrap. You will be surprised how simple words can be very special for your mother. Respecting your mother would definitely be one of the most wonderful things you have ever done. A Mother's Day poem can be short, simple or if your mother enjoys poetry, a highly poetic one. We have plenty of poems praising mothers and motherhood, but that would be common for all mothers. If you want to create something unique for your most loving mom, then you should pen it down by yourself. For your convenience and guidance, we are putting up a few of these soul soothing Mother's Day poems in this section. It would definitely help you conveying your heart felt emotions to your dear mom. Wishing you and your loving mom a very special Mother's Day!