Some of these Mother's Day famous songs and numbers set the right pace and mood for the Mother's Day celebrations.

Mother's Day Songs

"What can I give you, still small and quite young?
A picture I've colored, a song I have sung?
Some help with the chores that might be a good start.
But whatever I give, it's with love in my heart!" - What can be a better way to show your mom how much she means to you than with a soulful lyric like this. Nothing can match the joy that a beautiful, lyrical song brings. No celebration is complete without music and melody and Mother's Day is no exception. It's the day to fete your mother with all the love and affection that she lavished upon you. And nothing better than a beautiful song to express your heartfelt emotions. There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn't feel exalted by music. It's the best way to boost mood and add colors to any celebration. However, if you are not too sure about the selection of songs, here is an exhaustive collection of songs to make your mother feel special and loved on this day. You can either sing this song or quote them on an attractive Mother's Day card or gift. Pick one from the amazing collection of songs and make this auspicious occasion memorable and melodious for your gorgeous mom.

A special day like Mother's Day isn't exclusively restricted to your biological mother alone. In fact, it's a day to cherish and appreciate all the mother figures that you know. Remember that the list of songs is not limited just to 'mothers' alone, but to all mother figures who have been a beacon in your life. It could be a stepmother, grandmother, caretaker, aunts or mother-in-law. For all those mother figures who have cared for you, packed yummy lunches for you to take to school, nursed not only your fractures and cuts as well as your bruised egos, these songs are truly a wonderful tribute.

While choosing a song, focus on your sentiments. Your choice of song should be a reflection of your inner feelings. Consider if you just want to thank your mother or just tell her how special and irreplaceable she is? Whatever it may be, your selection of song should reflect the gratitude and affection for the most wonderful guiding force in your life. Some songs may make her cry while others might just make her roll with laughter. Once you find a song through which you can convey your love, you can either write down the lyrics in an attractive greeting card or burn it on a CD and gift it to her. A song sung for your mother certainly will make her proud of you. Choose a beautiful song and make your mom truly feel on top of the world.