The song 'Mother's Day…Let's get out' was written by Terry Kluytmans. It is one of the most popular songs on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day

Your mother always thinks twice before taking any decision - once for her child and then, for herself. All that she cares for is your well-being and the desire to see you excel in life. She is your true friend and helps you steer clear of all hurdles in life. Your mother is really special and it's her fuel of love that drives you through your life. It's you mother who keeps the relations intact and builds the strength, patience and devotion of the entire family. If you run out of words to express how much you are proud of her and show her your extent of love, then why not sing her a beautiful song. Tell her how special she is with a song that says it all. She is sure to beam with delight and cherish the moment throughout her life. This Mother's Day song will surely enlighten her and make her feel fresh. Scroll further!

Jessie Gaynor
Jessie Gaynor composed the Mother's Day song "Let's Get Out". She was a famous American composer, best known for composing several children's music. "The Slumber Boat", one of her well-known children lullabies, was the upshot of her collaboration with the author, Alice C.D. Riley. As a child, even before she learned to talk, Gaynor could sing fluently. She build up a strong base of musical studies even while she was in school. Jessie Gaynor founded the musical education in the Missouri Public Schools. Along with her classes on piano, she also familiarized herself with the cornet, doublebass and violin as well. In the year 1895, she went to Chicago where she taught piano and harmony for five long years. This was also the time during which she composed her first few songs. The 'Gaynor Studios' was quite successful accompanied by an art center, where drawing, painting and other arts were also taught. She was the member of the Chicago Manuscript Society and of the Musical Manuscript Society of New York. She held the fame of being the most outstanding children's music composers. Mrs. Gaynor spent most part of her life creating music and educational teaching materials in order to train the children. Mrs. Gaynor's fame is solely based on her songs. Her music was used by 'children of a larger growth'. In the poem, 'Let's Get Out', she uses phrases on flowers to make your mom feel special on the special occasion of Mother's Day and bestow on her the fragrance of your unconditional love.

Terry Kluytmans Mother's Day
Let's Get Out
Let's go out and pick some flowers
And make a big bouquet;
We must bring a special gift
To Mom on Mother's Day!
Here's a rose, and there's a daisy
For our Mom's bouquet,
Pretty flowers to show we love her
More and more each day!

This beautiful Mother's Day song is a true ode to that one person who truly fills your life with fragrance and colors. So why not reward her with the same on an occasion like Mother's Day. The beautiful melody of your love will truly strike a chord with your dear mum. So pick up that guitar, memorize the lyrics and strum your melody of love and show your mum how "out-of-the-world" she is.