Organize a short skit or playact with the children around you. A short drama enacted on stage would be a nice celebration for Mother's Day.

Short Stories On Mother

Mother's Day is the occasion to bestow all of your heartfelt love for the person you perhaps care more for than anyone else in this world. Select one of the short stories to enact. What else can be a better celebration for kids than organizing dramas for children Mother's Day? There are innumerable fables and stories, very popular among the children of all ages and their parents, which kids all over the world have grown up hearing. The stories quite eloquently depict the strong bond of love and affection between a mother and her children. Thus, the enactment of these stories will be the most apt way to express love and gratitude towards mothers. Listed below are a number of skits for kids to playact on Mother's Day, skits with simple plots and nice morals. They can be easily acted out by the children in school or at home. This would be a unique way of celebrating Mother's Day.

Skits For Kids To Playact On Mother's Day

Coming And Going
"Coming and Going" is a nice story of how parent birds take care of their young ones and then when winter approaches how these migratory birds fly off in search of summer and sunshine. The love of these parent birds sets an example of ideal parenthood.

The Lark And Its Young Ones
"The Lark and Its Young Ones" is a heartfelt story by P. V. Ramuswami Raju. It will be a fine story to enact for the children as it makes the small children realize how dear a home is to a child and no child would ever want to leave his or her mother and home. It is one of the many stories of Indian fables emphasizing the fact that little ones should not be separated from their mothers.

Queen Margaret And The Robbers
"Queen Margaret and the Robbers" is a nice story written by Albert F. Blaisdell based on the times of the "War of the Roses". It's a thrilling story of how Queen Margaret was saved, protected and sheltered from the robbers by a gentle-hearted outlaw.

The Search for the Good Child
It is a story of Gauvain who had a beautiful name of his own then, for he was called "Gauvain the Good".Hewas brave, happy, kind, pure, and true. He was adored by all the people in the world, but most of all by his mother.

The Little Traveler
It is a story of a little boy who had a long journey to go but his mother didn't wish him to leave. The story shows that love is a bridge that links people heart to heart and that mother and child can never live apart. It will be a fine drama to enact for the children to dedicate to their mothers.

How The Moon Was Kind To Her Mother
This beautiful story describes the affection of moon towards her mother. Overwhelmed by the love which he showed towards her mother, her mother blessed her saying "You remembered your mother, and were unselfish," she said. "To those who are thoughtful of their mother, great blessings come. For all time your light shall be cool, and calm, and beautiful. You shall wane, but you shall wax again. You shall make the dark night bright, and all men shall call you blessed." A beautiful skit for your mother indeed!