"Queen Margaret and the Robbers" is a thrilling as well as nice story written by Albert F. Blaisdell based on the War of the Roses. Read through.

Queen Margaret And The Robbers

"Queen Margaret and the Robbers" is a nice story written by Albert F. Blaisdell based on the times of the "War of the Roses". It's a thrilling story of how Queen Margaret was saved, protected and sheltered from killers by a gentle-hearted outlaw. The story not only draws our attention towards the kindness of the outlaw, but also shed light into the bravery of Queen Margaret whose courage and motherly sacrifice saved the lives of hers and her son's. Had she got scared or pondered over what to do, the future Prince of Wales would not have survived. This is a story which highlights of the strength and courage of a mother and the way her timely behaviour took her away from the clasps of death. The story is equally touching and thrilling that it makes us read it at a full stretch. It makes this equally enjoyable to both children and adults.

One day when roses were in bloom, two noblemen came to angry words in the Temple Gardens, by the side of the river Thames. In the midst of their quarrel, one of them plucked a white rose from a bush, and, turning to those who were near him, said, "He, who will stand by me in this quarrel, let him pluck a white rose with me, and wear it in his hat." Following this, the other gentle man tore a red rose from another bush and said, "Let him who will stand by me pluck a red rose, and wear it as his badge."

This quarrel eventually resulted in a civil war known as, "The War of the Roses," in which every soldier wore a white or red rose in their helmet to show their loyalty. Those who wore red rose sided with King Henry VI and his wife Queen Margaret, who were fighting for the English throne. In a battle place called Hexham, the king's party was beaten which forced the queen and her little son, the Prince of Wales, to flee for their lives. They had not gone far when they were a stopped by a band of robbers who stopped the queen and stole her jewels. Despite this, they held a drawn sword over the queen's head, threatening her to take her and the child's life.

Overcome by terror, the queen fell on her knees and begged the robbers to spare her son. However, the robbers started fighting among themselves regarding the way they should divide the plundered goods. Seeing this, the queen managed to escape from the place with her son. She entered a thick forest and got scared when she realised that it is the hiding place of robbers and outlaws. When she started walking through the forest seeking a place of shelter, a fierce looking man came towards her from behind a tree. Seeing the dress he wore, she realised that he is an outlaw.

However, the queen, determined to save her son, fell at his knees for mercy. When he came near her, she said in a calm manner, "Friend," said she, "I am the queen. Kill me if thou wilt, but spare my son, thy prince. Take him, I will trust him to thee. Keep him safe from those that seek his life, and God will have pity on thee for all thy sins."

The queen's words touched the man's heart who told her that once he fought for her and was hiding from the soldiers of "White Rose." Taking the little prince in his hands, he guided the queen to a cave, provided them food and shelter and saved them from the enemies. Finally, Queen's friends and attendants, discovered them and took them away.

If you ever visit Hexham forest, you see this robber's cave, which is on the bank of a stream. People call this "Queen Margaret's Cave."