"The Lark and Its Young Ones" is a short story written by P. V. Ramuswami Raju. It is a gem of a story from the treasury of Indian Fables.

The Lark And Its Young Ones

A beautiful and touching story - 'The Lark and Its Young Ones' by P.V Ramuswami Raju is one of the most popular stories of Indian Fables. It emphasizes the fact that little ones must not be separated from their children. A story which can be easily read and understood by small children, it contains a great moral which guides the younger ones towards leading a virtuous life and respecting their elders. The story stresses the importance of the comfort a sweet home provides and thereby indicates that no child would ever want to leave his home and mother, irrespective of the joy the separation brings. Through a simple conversation between a small boy who invites a little lark to play with him, the story shed lights to the respect a child holds towards his mother. Just as the boy's sister does not want to get separated from her home, the little larks hesitate to stay away from home and thereby their sweet mother. Read the story out to your little ones to make them realise the value of relationship.

A child went up to a lark and said: "Good lark, have you any young ones?"
"Yes, child, I have," said the mother lark, "and they are very pretty ones, indeed." Then she pointed to the little birds and said, "This is Fair Wing, that is Tiny Bill, and that other is Bright Eyes."
"At home, we are three," said the child, "myself and two sisters. Mother says that we are pretty children, and she loves us."
To this the little larks replied, "Oh, yes, OUR mother is fond of us, too."
"Good mother lark," said the child, "will you let Tiny Bill go home with me and play?"
Before the mother lark could reply, Bright Eyes said, "Yes, if you will send your little sister to play with us in our nest."
"Oh, she will be so sorry to leave home," said the child, "she could not come away from our mother."
"Tiny Bill will be so sorry to leave our nest," answered Bright Eyes, "and he will not go away from OUR mother."
Then the child ran away to her mother, saying, "Ah, everyone is fond of home!"

The story "The Lark and Its Young Ones" is a beautiful story that teaches a kid about the relationship between a mother and a kid and the comfort level a sweet home provides. It makes for a beautiful Mother's Day story to be read, narrated and even enacted. A lovely story with a heart-touching moral, this is one story that a mother can read out to her young ones on a special day as Mother's Day or can be enacted by children as a tribute of their love for their dear mothers.