There are some really funny jokes on mothers. At times, they give great one-liner that no one can beat. Check some of these jokes here.

Short Mother Jokes

A total delight to watch, she is the rule maker as well as the rule breaker of her home; the light hearted woman that she is can be none other than your mom. Humor always helps to lighten the mood of the surroundings. She takes quite a lot of avatars throughout her life ranging from an elephant to that of a she demon. It is no wonder why all children want their moms to be at home. You find a little humor in everything what your mother says. It is your mother who lightens up every moment of your life with her great sense of humor. That might be the reason why you can find quite a number of jokes related to mother. The fun part is that you can relate to you and your mother with many jokes. At the end of the day all mothers are the same and even their jokes seem to be the same. If you are looking for some really interesting jokes on mothers, your search ends here.

Jokes On Mothers
  • My friend Myron tells me, "Last year on Mother's Day the whole family got together for a big dinner and afterward, when Mom started to clean up, I said to her, "Don't bother with those dishes, Mom. Today is Mother's Day, you can always do them tomorrow."
  • There's not a lot of warmth between me and my mother. I asked her about it. I said "Mrs. Stoller..."
  • If it's five o'clock and the children are still alive, I've done my job.
  • I think I'd be a good mother. Maybe a little overprotective. Like I would never let the kid out - of my body.
  • An angry mother took her son to the doctor and asked, "Is a nine-year-old boy able to perform appendectomy?", "Of course not," the doctor said impatiently. The mother turned to her son and said, "What did I tell you? Now put it back."
  • The child had his mother's eyes, his mother's nose, and his mother's mouth. This leaves his mother with a pretty blank expression.
  • A woman came to ask the doctor if a woman should have children after thirty-five. I said, "Thirty-five children are enough for any woman."
  • When my mom got really mad, she would say, "Your butt is my meat." Not a particularly attractive phrase. And I always wondered, now, what wine goes with that?
  • Little Johnny had finished his summer vacation and gone back to school. Two days later his teacher phoned his mother to tell her that he was misbehaving. "Wait a minute," she said. "I had Johnny with me for three months and I never called you once when he misbehaved."
  • My mom was a little weird. When I was little she would make chocolate frosting. And she'd let me lick the beaters. And then she'd turn them off.
  • The boy's mother had bought him two new ties. He hurried into his bedroom, immediately put on one of them, and hurried back. "Look, Mama! Isn't it gorgeous?" His mother said, "What's the matter? You don't like the other one?"
  • I am five feet, three inches tall and pleasingly plump. After I had a minor accident, my mother accompanied me to the emergency room. The ER nurse asked for my height and weight, and I blurted out, "Five-foot-eight, 125 pounds." While the nurse pondered over this information, my mother leaned over to me. "Sweetheart," she gently chided, "this is not the Internet."
  • An exasperated mother, whose son was always getting into mischief, finally asked him, "How do you expect to get into Heaven?" The boy thought it over and said, "Well, I'll just run in and out and in and out and keep slamming the door until St. Peter says, 'For Heaven's sake, Jimmy, come in or stay out!'