Single mothers whether by choice or by chance have enormous responsibilities especially if they are working.

Single Mother

A single mother usually bears all the day-to-day responsibilities in raising her children. In short, she is the dominant caregiver. The sole responsibility of a child or children may fall upon a single mother due to various reasons such as an adoption, a divorce, and artificial insemination or even through surrogate motherhood. The number of single mothers has been growing exponentially. The surge can be attributed to the diluvian emergence of professional women working in large cities. These women are too busy to get married or take up the marital responsibilities, yet harbor a deep desire to be mothers. Independent women deciding to part ways from their partners and freeing themselves from unhappy marriages is also very common in the modern day society. In spite of the absence of a father, single mothers are quite efficiently bringing up their children in modern urban societies by striking a fine balance between their professional and personal responsibilities.

Single Mother By Choice Or By Chance
A confident and single working mother is usually very capable of fulfilling the parental responsibilities on her own without a male partner. Single working mothers intend to give special attention to their child, which is in a way beneficial to the emotional and spiritual growth of their child. These are also extremely crucial in making a child feel secure and confident. The sole aim of a single mother by choice or by chance is to provide the best for her child and cater to all his/her needs. In the absence of the benignant influence of a male role model, these mothers are expected to play a double role, of both as a father and a mother to the growing child. This genre of modern women, the single mothers, are physically and emotionally very strong and capable and are driven by a powerful instinct to raise their children to be the same. In countries located in Asia and the Middle East, the number of children raised by a single parent is quite high. On the other hand, the areas which have an overwhelming number of non-marital childbearing are Latin America, South Africa, and Sweden.

Single Working Mother Pros And Cons
Though a single working mother tries hard to strike a balance between her professional and family life, by being a single parent can be extremely painstaking at times. It is not easy for children either to cope with single parenting. For working mothers, the process becomes even more stressful. For years there has been a great debate over the pros and cons of single parenting. For instance, single mothers with toddlers or pre-school aged children may find it difficult to handle their children all by themselves.Often it becomes virtually impossible to shuttle between their work, daycare and school. Owing to their professional commitments, they are hardly able to spend quality time which is extremely significant in forming a strong relationship between a mother and a child. On the other hand, it has also been seen that a single mother quite efficiently teach their children to take responsibility at an early age, by helping around the household and helping with the daily chores. They also become independent sooner and learn to deal with difficult situations well.So, how the child turns out to be depends solely on his or her upbringing. There are single mothers who with profound knowledge of parenting provide an ideal atmosphere for their children's proper upbringing even in the absence of the father.

The children with single mothers can make this Mother's Day special for their moms who have endured so much pain in their upbringing by throwing a surprise party or offering a wonderful gift.