Read to learn more about the famous mother and daughter pair Joely Fisher and Connie Stevens.

Joely Fisher And Connie Stevens

Joely Fisher, born in Burbank, California is the daughter of Eddie Fisher, the singer and Connie Stevens, an actress. At the age of two, after her parents got divorced, she was raised by her mother.As she was fat, her childhood days were mostly emotional and filed with problems. She had interest to take up acting career in her life, but overweight restricted her from getting selected. Fisher's first performance on stage was at the age of seven, in her mother's 'Las Vegas'. She along with Tricia and Stevens travelled around the world and hence attended many schools. She acquired tutors during this travel and later attended Beverley Hills High School. Also, she went to the University of Paris for just a semester and stopped by New York to meet her father. She had not informed him the news of her arrival and she put in efforts to re-establish her relations with him. Fisher put in efforts such as the weight loss therapy in order to get rid of the excess weight and hence made a comeback with 'I'll Do Anything'. She also attended Emerson College but soon left this place to begin her career of acting. In the year 1992, she became Miss Golden Globe during the Golden Globe Awards.

Connie Stevens was born on 8 August 1938 who belonged to famous parents, Peter Ingoglia (musician) and Eleanor McGinley (singer). After her parents got divorced, she lived the rest of her life with her grandparents. She went to Catholic boarding school and after she witnessed a murder in Brooklyn, she moved to Boonville, Missouri to live with her family and friends. Connie had a musical background and so she joined 'The Foremost' in which all the male vocalists were later famed as 'The Lettermen'. At the age of sixteen, she went to her father in Los Angeles. She attended Georgia Massey's School of Song and Dance, in San Fernando Valley and also appeared in the local repertory theatre. Connie was also the co-star in 'Young and dangerous (1957)', 'Eighteen and Anxious (1957)', 'The Party Crashers (1958)' and several other dramas including 'Dragstrip Riot (1958)'. It was considered to be a great achievement when she was signed up by Warner Brothers for the famous detective series 'Hawaiian Eye'. She bagged the 'Theatre World Award' for her performance in 'The Star-Spangled Girl' and had also acted in few adult film dramas. Connie also founded the Windfeather project, which way a medium to award scholarships to the Native Americans and also offered support to the Hence, this mother daughter pair had risen to great glory.