Melaniw Griffith is the daughter of Tippi Hedren and wife of Antonio Banderas.

Melanie Griffith - Tippi Hedren

Melanie Griffith, daughter of a great mother, Tippi Hedren, a woman who, by profession, was an Actor and a fashion model. Born in New York City as daughter to celebrity parents Tippi Hedren and Peter Griffith, Melanie was delivered into the lap of luxury. However, she was later grown single-parented as her parents got divorced when she was just four years old. She spent her Adolescent age parting her time equally between her parents. Thus she spent her adolescent ages in New York where her father lived and in California, where her mother lived. She was not just a kid of a famous mother; she also made her own identity. She became an actor and starred in several movies and TV shows. However most of her life was with her mother and three step brothers. Browse down to know the story of this mother and daughter.

Born in New Ulm, Tippi's paternal grandparents were from Sweden and maternal grandparents were from Germany. Originally named as Nathalie Kay Hedren, Tippi was her pet name. This great lady played an important role in the development of Vietnamese-owned nail salons in the United States. Later these salons spread with a stirring vigor along the East and to Canada. She was touched with the plight of Vietnam War refugees and started paying visits a tent city at Hope Village. She then started teaching the lady members of these refugee camps to develop some soft skills and earn a living. She asked her manicurist to take the lead. Married to actor Peter Griffith, she gave birth to Melanie Griffith. As Tippi and Peter got divorced after four years of Melanie's birth, Melanie was brought up by Tippi. Tippi started her career as New York Fashion Model. Tippi moved over to Los Angelesafter a broken marriage and there she caught the attention of Alfred Hitchcock as the pretty blonde cover girl in a commercial today. Thereby she bagged the lead roles in 'Marnie' (1964) and 'The Birds' (1963). She also went on to win the Golden Globe Award for her remarkable performance in 'The Birds'. She married Noel Marshall and Melanie grew up with three step-brothers. The movie 'Roar' (1981) produced and starred by her was the starting point of her involvement with issues like animal rights. She went on to receive the Humanitarian Award. She is also the Founder President of The Roar Foundation fighting for animal rights. She also won the lifetime achievement awards in France at the Beauvais Film Festival, Cinemalia 1994. She also won the same in 1995 in Spain by The Fundacion Municipal De Cine. In 1999, "Woman of Vision" by Women in Film and Video honored Tippi in Washington, D.C. She received the Presidential Medal for her work in film from Hofstra University.

Though Melanie started her acting career as a model when she was just nine months old, she became active in this career when she was seventeen. She played small roles in 'Smith' (1969) and 'The Harrad Experiment' (1973) and acted in the home production Roar (1981). Melanie played the role of a runaway nymphet in 'Night Moves' (1975) and won several other similar roles as she got typecast. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award by the National Society of Film Critics for her comical and sexy role in 'Something Wild' (1986). She grew to fame with her title role in 'Working Girl' (1988) and for which she received an Oscar nomination as Best Actress and won the Golden Globe Award as Best Actress in a Comedy. Addiction to drugs and alcohol had always produced a damping effect to her career. In her later stages she did a number of movies that were not a major success. Though she went through many ups and downs in life, struggling with drugs and alcohol throughout her life and also with broken relationships, she finally went to a rehabilitation center and got into normal stream of life along with her mother Tippi. Griffith and Antonio received the "Stella Adler Angel Award" in 2002 for their extensive charity work.