Did you know that Carrie Fisher is the daughter of the legendary actress Debbie Reynolds and the famous Eddie Fisher?

Carrie Fisher-Debbie Reynolds

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' mother daughter relationship is one that went through many hardships. From broken marriages, drug scandals and unstable relationships in their lives this relationship survived it all. They enjoyed both the success of Hollywood along with the difficulties that the glamour life brought along with itself. Debbie Reynolds is an American singer, actress and dancer who had major hits like "Singin in the rain" and "Tammy and the Bachelor". Her personal life and marriage to Eddie Fisher, which was in turmoil, produced Carrie Fisher. Carrie fisher is an American actress, novelist, screenwriter and performance artist herself.Her works include the bestselling novel "Postcards from the edge" and an autobiographical play 'Wishful drinking".

When Carrie was just two years old, Debbie Reynolds and her husband Eddie Fisher got divorced. So Carrie was brought up more in her father's absencethan his presence. Aftera bitter divorce to Eddie Fisher, Debbie married Harry Karl who was a shoe millionaire. But due to his gambling interests and irregular investments, Debbie was soon left bankrupt. This completely shattered her life and she was left empty, at both her heart and pocket.

It was during this time that Carrie and Debbie's relationship had become quite volatile. Carrie was in her 20s and didn't want to be a part of her mother's messy life which had nothing more than financial and marital problems. She found it very difficult to be Debbie Reynolds daughter and wanted to find a niche for herself. Not only was this very difficult for Carrie but Debbie found this rejection from her daughter very painful too. Although Carrie did want to protect her from all the problems in her life, she found it very difficult to understand the chaos her mother's life was infused with.

Debbie and Carrie's relationship went through a lot of other problems as well. Carrie started smoking marijuana when she was only thirteen years old and her drug use increased all the more when she was twenty years old with her being involved in cocaine and almost every other kind of drug. Carrie was admitted in the rehab when she was twenty eight years.Shewas diagnosed with mental problems too at the age of forty when she faced the mental breakdown. This was difficult on the mother and hence Debbie decided that she would help her daughter get along with her life by always loving her and being there for her through all the difficulties.

After fighting the drug abuse and mental problems together, Debbie and Carrie have now a stronger relationship. Debbie's admiration for Carrie's strength of survival and the fact that she chose to make it, makes Debbie a very proud mother. Like all mothers Debbie still feels very protective about her daughter's health but Carrie is a strong woman who could face all these obstacles in life and still live through. Carrie who lived her life on her terms and on the basis of her own choices is a stronger woman now.

In Carries words, her mother Debbie was an inspiration for her and only because of the example her mother portrayed of being such a strong woman, could Carrie emulate it and live her life the way she did too. Getting past through so many turmoil's needs a lot of courage, spirit, and willingness of not wanting to be defeated. And what better example than Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, who had the strength and capacity to forgive and move on with their lives together.