Jerry Hall is said to be the star mom of Jerry Hall. If you want to know why, read further!

Jerry Hall - Elizabeth Jagger

Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger was an English- American model and an actress as well. She was famed by birth itself being the daughter of the renowned musician Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall. Jerry Faye Hall, who belonged to the English descent,was raised in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, Texas. Jerry Hall acquired graduation from North Mesquite High School and also went to Kim Dawson Modeling Agency. On the event of the coming up Mother's day, Jerry Hall could not be left out from being referred to,as she was considered to be the 'star mom' of Elizabeth Jagger. Also, being the better half of the famous singing celebrity Mick Jagger. Jerry Hall held to herself the fame of being ranked number one while considering the list of the World's Greatest Supermodel. Also, it her life summary would be totally incomplete, if you miss the fact that she also holds the record of the most number of theatrical appearances done in a single night. You can also find her name as the contributing author of Tatler magazine.

Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger was born on 2 March, 1984 to the star parents in New York City. She's an English/American model and an actress following the lines of her mother's profession. Elizabeth appeared on the covers of English and Australian 'Vogue', Italian 'Amica' and also the English 'Nylon'. Her fame was also at the best when she signed the deal as the face of Lancome's LCM range. The exquisite beauty of her mother, Jerry Hall was first identified while her stay at the hostel on the French Rivera. A fashion agent, Claude Haddad saw her during her sunbath while she was in Saint Tropez beach. Mick Jagger, Elizabeth's father formed 'The Rolling Stone' in collaboration with Keith Richardsand during the time period, 1960-1962s. It was in the year 1965 that they had their first hit and after this they did not have to look back ever. Steering through with their numerous live performances, they were able to break several sales records. In 1989, Jerry Hall was seen in 'Batman' as Alicia Hunt performing a supporting role. In 2001, she appeared in 'Being Mick', a documentary and the following year.

The star mother, Jerry Hall was also well famous for 'The Graduate ', a musical production in which she enacted the role of Mrs. Robinson. In the year 2005, Jerry Hall was seen on the West End stage, in the London revival of Cole Porter's 'High Society' enacting the role of Mother Lord. She also provided voice for Sister Penelope in 'Popetown' which was a controversial British cartoon. It was in the same year that Elizabeth Jagger was chosen to represent the Spanish fashion chain, 'Mango'. Elizabeth Jagger, was also spot in the 'Tommy Hilfiger' campaign in the beginning of the century beside Alexandra and Theodora Richards. Today, you may find Jerry Hall as the face of Invisible Zinc Skincare and has also published her autobiography named Jerry Hall: My Life in Pictures. Later in the year 2004, she also studied Kabbalah and was associated with the Kabbalah Centre. Jerry Hall along with Mick Jagger and Ron Woods and Michael Berg raised a charity event for the center, but later she disassociated herself claiming that they frequently asked for donations. Today, she lives in Downe House, Richmond, Surrey along with her four children and is putting in efforts for the launch of LK Today modeling competition.