Weave a beautiful bead necklace for your mother at home. Gift a colored beaded necklace made by you to your mother.

Weave A Bead Necklace

A mother always appreciates her child's creativity and any effort to make her a handcrafted gift will surely win her heart. This Mother's Day, gift your mother something really special that she will simply adore - a beaded necklace made by you. There are numerous colors and shape of beads available in the stores. However, knowing in advance what your mom plans to wear on Mother's Day will help you surprise her with a matching necklace. There is no way that she would give up that necklace over any jewelry. Rather, she will proudly flaunt it and thank you for such a thoughtful gift. Show her your love by putting an effort in making a necklace. Understand what kind of bead she will like, how the necklace shape should be, to what length you need to bead it that would make her look even more beautiful.

Make A Necklace Of Bead
Women love their accessories. So feel free to personalize your mother's necklaces. It is very easy to change the look of a necklace by using different beads and color combinations, while keeping the same techniques. Lined up below are a few ideas on how to go about beading a necklace for your mother.

Pearl Bead
Knotting pearls for the first time? Use very thick needles; it will make the work very easy. This beading needle will make knots very tight and consistent. Along with the needle, it also important to use correct silk thread for pearls, as well as color to match your elegant pearls. Choose brands that have a needle fixed to the cord that makes stringing pearls easier. You need few items like; pearls, silver spacer beads matching your pearls, bead caps, clasp ad hook, very thick needle, beading needle, French wire (bullion), scissor or cutter. If you have all these then you are all set to start knotting pearls.

Y-Shaped Necklace
This is one of the elegant necklace designs to choose from. You can use pearls, gemstones and crystals to create the design. You can even use combinations of different beads too. The items that you need are pearls, Swarovski heart-shaped briolette bead, silver wire, toggle clasp and bar, curb or belcher chain with links, jump rings, round nose pliers, chain or flat nose pliers and safety glasses(optional).

Crystal Necklace
The very basic and important technique you need to learn for making crystal necklace is to make a loop on a headpin, and attach it to the necklace chain. If you succeed in making this, then you will be able to make many variations of this design. You even might be able design your own unique necklace. The items for making crystal necklace are crystal beads, one large crystal beads, and Bali spacer beads, small round spacer beads, headpin, small round silver spacer beads, round nose pliers, wire or side cutters, and at last chain necklace with links.

Bead Necklace
It is also referred as beadalon necklace; make use of nineteen-strand wire to make this beautiful necklace. Blue color goes well for this neckpiece. Either use soft flex or accu-flex for beading wires. You can use any color and bead of your choice. Choose large blue lamp-work bead or you can replace it with a crystal bead or pearl. Here you get many variations on the design of this necklace.

Gift your mother beautiful beaded neckpieces this mother's day make this Mother's Day the most unforgettable moments of her life.