Kids can make this easy and colorful butterfly card on Mother's Day as a part of their Mother's Day craft.

Butterfly Cards For Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, bag your mom's attention with handmade, pretty-looking butterfly cards. Butterfly card add cheer, color and happiness to the day's celebrations and is something that your mom will instantly cherish. Especially with all the vivid colors and pretty patterns, a hand-made butterfly card is a surefire ticket to your mom's heart. A butterfly card is very simple to make and can be treasured and exhibited year after year. You can either go for the simple colorful butterfly card or a popup butterfly card or an origami butterfly card, which is a much more creative option. A butterfly card can either have the cute look or a much more elegant feel to it. Whatever look and style you go for, these handcrafted butterfly cards are sure to receive much appreciation once opened. Go through some of these simple ideas on how to make very innovative and creative pieces of butterfly art.

Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

Heart Butterfly Card

Need help in expressing your heartfelt thoughts to your mom on the special day? Then let this handmade butterfly card do all the talking for you.

Materials Required
  • Colored Craft Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative Items like Stickers and Glitter
  • Cut three sets of hearts in different sizes using the colored craft paper. You can choose the complimenting colors of your choice. Cut two hearts of the same color and size, one for each wing.
  • On a background paper, paste the three hearts of different sizes so that they overlap each other to create the wings of the butterfly. Paste the hearts in opposite directions for each of the wings, but don't glue down them completely to achieve the three-dimensional look.
  • Use the craft paper to create a body and head for the butterfly and paste them in between both the wings.
  • You can use glitter and sketch pens to decorate the butterfly in a variety of designs and patterns. Lacy borders and shiny stones can also be used to highlight the borders of the card
Pop Up Butterfly Card
Instead of going for the usual and easy to make one-dimensional cards, opt for a much more innovative card, which requires slightly more effort. Don't worry it's not that difficult!

Materials Required
  • Printed Butterfly Graphics
  • Craft Paper
  • Paper Glue
  • Print out beautiful butterfly graphics. You can print them back to back or print them on separate sides and paste them back to back. The size of butterfly you print should be suitable for the size of the card.
  • Cut the butterfly exactly into half across its body and paste tabs at the bottom of each piece near the half cut body. Fold in the tabs and paste them on the card. Depending on the embossed look you require, decide the length of tabs you want to paste.
  • You can select the background on which you want to paste the butterfly on. It can be a plain background with a contrasting color or for a much prettier effect, you can go for a flowery background to create a much natural appeal.
Origami Butterfly Card
The origami butterfly card can be quite challenging to make. However, it will show the genuine effort you have put into it making the beautiful card.

Materials Required
  • Craft Paper
  • Paper Glue
  • Sketch Pens and Glitter
  • Using your origami skills or with the help of origami tutorials, you can use the colored craft paper to make origami butterflies. There are many simple ways of making these butterflies and many elaborate ways too, that can make the card look all the more beautiful.
  • Paste these origami butterflies on your card and decorate them and the background using glitters, paints, or sketch pens to create lovely patterns. You can go for either one big butterfly or many small butterflies for your card.