Making an exotic bouquet is a popular fun children activity at home. Make lovely paper or silk flowers for your bouquet.

Make A Bouquet

The greatest feature of a paper or a silk bouquet is that it can last you now and forever and hence, can be cherished everlastingly. Though natural flowers look more elegant, they wither all too soon. Therefore, if you wish to gift a fine floral corsage to your mother that will also serve as a persistent reminder of your love and affection, here is your bet. Moreover, making silk flowers is simple and fun for all ages, and can be custom designed to suit your Mom's taste and style. So, make an exotic bouquet of paper or silk posies and give a pleasant surprise to your mom on this Mother's Day. It is a simple fun activity, but nevertheless worth it. In order to make a bouquet, you first have to prepare the flowers for the bouquet. Choose a bright color paper or silk and follow the following instructions for making paper or silk flowers.

Making Paper Or Silk Flowers
  • First, choose materials for your paper flowers, possibly in your mom's favorite colors. If she has a favorite flower, better try to make a paper version of it.
  • If you want to surprise your mother with a silk rose bouquet, take cardboard and cut petals out of it. The petals must be of three different sizes, the smaller ones being for the center and the larger ones for the outer layer of the flower. The petals have to be provided with small stubs so that they can be attached securely to the floral wire. Then place those cardboard that you have shaped on the paper or silk and trace out the outlines. Now decide how many flowers you would like to make and also the number of petals you would like to put in each layer of the flower.
  • The second step is to take a floral wire and fix each of the petals securely on the wire by means of a green tape. How many petals or layers your flower will have will depend entirely on you. As per the standards, 14 to 16 petals would be enough with three layers of petals. Use the larger petals as you keep moving towards the exterior.
  • For a more natural appearance, you can also have leaves cut in the same manner and tape them to the wire. To render a more natural appearance to your flowers, you can use real petals and leaves as models.
  • In order to make your flowers look even more exquisite, you can coat the petals with liquid paraffin or you can use a mix and match of two or more different colors of paper or silk for designing the flowers. Once you finish placing the flowers in the vase, spray it with a light fragrance and sprinkle it lightly with water to create a semblance of natural and fresh flowers.
  • To present your bouquet, make a fine papier-mâché vase or any other decorative container of your choice. To adorn the container further, place a painted image of one or more of the flowers in your bouquet. Do not forget to sign and date your container. Add baby's breath or other dried foliage to your bouquet to give the flowers a more realistic look.
Some simple techniques for making silk flowers have been described lucidly in the above-mentioned lines. Make an exquisite floral corsage, which best serves as a token of your love and affection towards your mother.