Making the Mother's day fun family tree is an interesting and learning craft activity for kids on the Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Family Tree

A family tree is a very beautiful and thoughtful gift for the mother. For the mother who works towards maintaining and building the family ties, the family tree gift is a perfect souvenir for all her selfless love, devotion and commitment. The family tree is a unique way of expressing love to your mom and helps her feel all the more close-knit to her family. Creating the family tree also gives a chance for the entire family to celebrate the family history and a chance to reminisce on old but fond memories. A simple but very impressive idea, some ways of creating an absolutely enchanting family tree craft are listed below. Go through these ideas to create a perfect family tree gift that your mom will absolutely cherish. You can be even more creative and come up with an original version of a family tree. The choice is all yours!

Family Tree Using Branching Twigs
Branching twigs is a conventional way of making a fun family tree. Nonetheless, it is a very interesting task and can acquaint the child with the roots of the family.

Material Required
  • Scissors
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Twigs
  • Styrofoam Cup
  • Clay
  • Glue
  • Find a twig with many branches and balance this in the Styrofoam cup with the help of clay.
  • Using the green construction paper, cut out leaves and punch holes at the ends so that you can fasten it to the twigs.
  • Just write names on the leaves or you can paste pictures of the people to the family tree. Pictures give a more personalized look and if you have an artist in you then drawings of the people can also be made.
  • Fasten these leaves to the twigs using the yarn. Start from the bottom with leaves representing the grandparents, then parents on the top and then finally pictures of the child and the siblings
  • To give the family tree twigs a more loving look, you can try doing something special. The twigs can be painted pink or the leaf representing the mother can be highlighted with a different color or glitters.
Family Tree Collage
Creating a collage of interesting pictures with moments that define the family is likely to floor your mom. Not only does it make for a great gift, the pictures also bring back a lot of happy memories and this activity can be a great bonding activity for the family. And with the family tree collage being a gift for mom, this group activity can make her feel special.

Material Required
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Various Pictures
  • Chart paper or poster board
  • First, collect various pictures of your family. Don't just go for passport-sized pictures, but try finding pictures where the family is involved in interesting activities. And as it is a mother's day present, go for images where your mom is the star.
  • Before cutting and pasting the pictures, take permission from your parents. You wouldn't like to show the present to your mom before it is done, so taking help and permission from dad should be fine.
  • Paste the pictures on chart paper or a poster board.
  • Decorate the base with pretty patterns using sketch pens, paints or glitters. You can even use stickers or paper flowers.
  • To detail this family tree, dates and events can be noted beneath each picture.
  • These lovely family tree ideas make for a great gift for mom on Mother's Day. Along with being a great gift, it is also a great reinforcement of relationships.