Want to give your mom handmade crafts? Given below are some homemade craft ideas, which you can use for Mother's Day.

Homemade Mother's Day Crafts

Celebrating motherhood is a long-standing tradition, the origin of which can be dated back to time immemorial. Regardless of the historical importance attached to it, a day as special as a Mother's Day gives a perfect opportunity to pamper your moms and let her know how priceless she is. She is the comfort zone to lay aside all your tensions and worries. This makes the Mother's Day gift an expression of love in return for the affection she showers on you. It is a perfect occasion to convey your love to the woman who is the anchor of your life. As in any tradition, the first thing that comes to our mind in such occasions is gifts. However, thinking of gifts, what most of you always do is to run to a nearby shop and pick anything that catches your fancy, sans much thought or ado. What about doing something different on this Mother's Day and presenting your mom with a homemade gift that reveals your creative side? She is sure to cherish your efforts and treasure the gift life-long. Read on to get some interesting ideas about homemade mother's day gifts.

Handmade Craft Ideas For Mother's Day

Paper Plate Mother's Day Card

Materials Required
  • Paper Plate
  • Construction Paper (pink, yellow, purple, green, light blue)
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Print Out of a Flower Pattern
  • Glue Stick
  • Fold the paper plate into half. Fold the blue construction paper into half, keep it on a paper, and trace the outlines.
  • Get your favourite flower pattern from a book or internet.
  • Take the print out of a flower pattern and trace it into pink, purple and yellow construction paper. Cut the flowers first and then cut three strips of green paper in a length of ½x4.
  • Fasten the stems and flowers to the folded paper plate and trim the stems.
  • With the help of a black marker pen, write the word 'mom' beautifully on the flowers in such a way that there is one letter on each flower.
  • Take the folded blue coloured paper, which has the paper plate outline. After this, you can draw a curve line along the curved edge.
  • Cut the curvy piece through the folded paper, thus creating two identical pieces.
  • Fasten the blue coloured curvy pieces to the front portion of the card and the bottom portion of the inside levels of the card.
  • Ensure to use plain paper plates, as the paper does not easily stick to the plates with a waxy coating.
Mother's Day Mason Jar Vase
  • A Small Glass Canning Jar
  • 24 inches thick wire (around 18)
  • Ribbon Pieces
  • Glass Marbles (optional)
  • Stamped Tag and Hanging Hardware (optional)
  • Take a jar and fill 1/3rd of it using glass marbles
  • Take a piece of crafting wire of about 18 inches length. Cover it around the jar neck below the place where you screw the ring on the top. Coil the end around the longer piece to secure it.
  • Stamp a tag on it saying a 'thank you', 'just for you', 'Happy Mother's Day' and hang it on the hardware piece.
  • Attach a ribbon in bow around the neck of the jar.
  • Fill the jar with your favourite wild flowers or potpourri.
Anyone can go to a nearby store and buy an expensive gift for their mothers. However, not everyone can give some thought to create a beautiful homemade Mother's Day gift. It is sure to take your mom to ecstasy. Get inspired by the above-mentioned ideas and surprise your mother with your creative craft gifts.