Prepare the most beautiful designer dress for your mom. Learn how to design an exquisite item of clothing.

Prepare A Designer Dress

Mother's day is the special occasion where you celebrate the essence of motherhood; offer a special gift, which you may want to gift your mom. The best gift, which you can give for her, is a dress that will suit her well. To understand more about your mom's style, think about what she wears or prefer wearing on different occasions. Maybe you can even take a peak in your mom's closet. Or you can even prepare a designer dress for your mom. The options are myriad here. You can play with different fabrics, experiment with different color threads, beads, small mirror (optional) laces of sheds, sequins, etc to create a mind-boggling masterpiece for your mom that she would love to flaunt. You can restrict yourself to the borders and hems of the dress or you can draw patterns to cover the whole dress. Use your creativity and imagination to get the best color combinations and the most ethnic and gorgeous look and feel.

Dress Designing For Your Mom
Designing dress could be as easy as it is for a professional designer. And determination makes the job much simpler. Take a look at below given ideas on how you need to proceed further.
  • Consider a unique brand of your choice for your designer clothes. Search online for inspiration or a magazine. Observe what your mother prefers to wear. Choose your brand in such a way that it could easily distinguish from other clothing available in the market.
  • Sketch your ideas on a sketchpad, do not hesitate or be afraid to be creative with your ideas. Be unconventional, draw a random curve or straight line, and start working from there.
  • Make a note on your sketches about colors, sizes and fabrics. Let your fabric be the inspiration. You can blend in unexpected colors and designs and embellish them elegantly. Consider texture and flow of fabric in contrast to your pattern.
  • Turn your sketch into a pattern by giving it to a pattern maker. Alternatively, you can purchase a pattern that you need.
  • Now lay the desired clothing for your designer clothes onto a flat surface. Next, lay the pattern on top of the fabric. Pin the fabric to the pattern to secure it. Use scissors to give a define shape according to the pattern.
  • Sew all the pieces together according to the pattern. Your sewing kit should include needles, button, thread and other item needed in completing the pattern.
  • To give more designer appeal creates a unique clothing tag for your design. It is better to sew the tag inside of the article of clothing.
Some Tips For Designing Dress
  • Do not hesitate in asking help from the person who has more experience in this field. It is better to carry a sketchbook all the time, as you might be inspired anywhere and anytime.
  • Most importantly do not forget to take measurement of your mother. Begin with taking some classes for drawing of base models. Also, make sure that you really want to gift your mom a dress or else you might end up spending too much and not use it. It is better to borrow a sewing machine from a friend incase it is only the single time you will be using the machine.
Here are few types of dresses, which you can consider on designing dresses for your mother. Kurtis are something that your mother will mostly prefer wearing. They come in many designs. Pleated kurtis, embroidery kurtis, pintucks kurtis, bandhani, silk, etc. If your mother is more comfortable wearing western clothes, then you can design denim tunic or linen tunic for her. The options are almost endless when it comes to picking up clothes for your mother.

It is all up to you what you want to see your mother wearing on her special day. Since it is Mother's Day, make it even more special and interesting by designing something in which she looks stunningly beautiful