Learn how make a collage with a selected bunch of some of the loveliest of your mother's photos.

Make A Collage

Collaging photos of your mother and gifting her on Mother's Day would be the best way to express your love to her. Make a collage of your mother photos; you can bring more life to the collage by creating a collage on a specific theme. The theme could be her childhood moments or her best moments since childhood, or her photos in different moods. Bring her happy moments back to life by gifting her beautiful collage. Imagine the glow on your mom's face when she sees all of her favorite moments and photos huddled together in one frame! You can put the old bulky album behind the closet and hang the collaged frame on the wall where everyone can see them. You can also decorate your room with this collage, but first present the craft of yours to your mom as a sign of love and gratitude. Read further to know how you can make a collage for your mother.

Create A Photo Collage
Get separate copies of the desired photographs washed instead of using the original copies. Preferably, get them washed in different sizes. Give the photos some definite shapes and fancy edges with the help of pinking shears and construction paper scissors. Trim the edges so that one photo seamlessly merges with another. It is advisable not to throw away the cut pieces or scraps. They can act as fillers. You can make collages of any sizes. Use both black-and-white and colored photographs to give your collage a unique touch. You can even teach your friends how to make a collage and win a mother's heart on the Mother's Day. Create a photo collage of your beautiful mother, capturing her in all her moods. Look at these easy steps and ideas below to make collage for your mum.

Ingredients Needed To Collage
If you are planning on making a traditional collage, you need to have basic materials, ready like scraps of paper, newspaper and magazine, clippings, shopping bags, photographs (prefer photocopies of photographs), foil, and wallpaper. You will also need string, beads, paperclips and fabric. To give more life to your collage, use words, phrases that are most often said by your mom. Try adding more color to make it look more eye-catching. Try not to ruin it by using sandpaper, blurry photographs, etc.

Choosing Base For Collage
Flat paper or poster board are commonly used as a base for collage as these are easiest to work with. It is not important to keep the background white or plain. You can keep the background as colorful as you want, it could be a page from a magazine or book, a large photograph of your mother, or a page of text. Either you can paint or draw on it or you can just cover it with anything you like or deem as fit.

Prepare The Base
Cut the base of any desired size and shape that you want. Add some more detailed decorations you want to the background. Cutting Images For Collage Cut photocopies of your mother's photographs in unusual shapes. You can cut the whole picture, an identifiable part, or just enough to stir up texture, color or feeling. Write words on a paper that you enjoyed hearing from your mom. Cut variety of shapes for both words and images.

Tearing Materials
Random, rough edges give parts of your collage a different character than cutouts.

Arranging Items On Your Background
Do not get frighten to make this part a messy process. Play with different elements. You might accidentally end up making something interesting that you had not thought of.

Applying Glue To Each Item
To give an interesting texture, you can fold or crumple pieces of paper and glue flat on the collage. It is not necessary to cover the whole surface though. Allow the finished collage to dry completely, depending on the glue used. Use glue stick to avoid wastage of time in drying.

So now you know everything that you need to know on how to make a collage. Make complete use of this opportunity to make your mom happy on this fabulous occasion of Mother's Day.