Personality wise Taurus Zodiac Mothers are hardworking, affectionate and protective.

Taurus Mothers: Apr 20- May 20

A Taurus woman has a feminine look, but she is extremely strong when it comes to emotions. She is very proficient at handling pressures and can very well handle the most worst of situations. She is highly introvert, chooses her friends very cautiously. She makes friend with the people who like her, do not believe in dual personality. Even though she has very few friends, but all of them would be dependable and stand by her in every situation and whenever need arises. She is very trustworthy and caring. On the other hand, she is very stubborn and would not budge from a viewpoint is she thinks she is correct. There is no point in forcing her to do the things that she is not willing to do. She is very conservative by nature, this is one of the main reasons why she prefers the comforts of her home. She can clearly distinguish between right and wrong. She does not believe in first impression is the last impression; instead she lets others o behavior speak for them, over time. She has a strong will power, which curbs her from doing anything out of responsibility.

Zodiac Sign Taurus Mothers
Taurus mother are affectionate and protective, she always works hard to provide protection to her children. However, in spite of having a sensible side, she happens to be specialty for rock-steady Taurus. They always set basic guidelines, fundamental routine like bedtimes, naps, and mealtime. She may not be the most expressive or flexible person, but she is the mother who shows up to school concerts, soccer games, plays or whatever be the occasion, she could always be counted up on. The steady presence of hers gives her kids an important sense of security, which boosts children confidences in the world. Apart from this, you could also be a chump, especially if your children boost your social status. Taurus mothers are well known for their stubbornness; sometimes this approach can generate a rift with your children. It is good to pass along your morals and values but do not forget that your kids are still individuals who will sooner or later form their own beliefs. However, there is no doubt that they need your guidance, but do not get into a "my way or the highway" rule. Instead, try to understand your child's point of view too. As a Taurus mother, you are a wonderfully grounding influence in your kids' lives. You have a very good sense of what truly matters, so you hardly get angry or annoyed about little things. And of course, you are always ready with a smile and a cuddle for your children

Gifts For Taurus Mothers
For this mother's day occasion you can gift your mother a bouquet of tropical hibiscus flowers, she will love them. Alternatively, original whit and purple lilies, which are as fragrant as they are beautiful, gift her in a crystal vase. She is also a choker of pearls or other stones would go over well too. A fine silk or cashmere scarf will also make feel cozy warm in the winter, as she is prone to sore throats. She would love rich and sumptuous food. A party will surely make her happy especially if it is very well organized. Harmonious sounds, visually beautiful objects and sweet fragrance will draw her like a magnet. You could make your mother happier by wrapping your gifts in attractive and bright papers. Remember that your Taurus mother is a soft and sentimental in nature. Make her feel special on this special occasion of mother's day.