Our section about zodiac signs throws some light on the personality of Leo mothers. Have a look on the qualities of Leo mothers and choose the right Mother's Day gift for her.

Leo Mothers: Jul 23- Aug 22

Misconceived as strict and tough, Leo mothers are generally lovable and affectionate. She is your best friend whom you can trust without any second thoughts. Your Leo mom takes immense pride in her family. Therefore, the perfect Mother's Day for her would be a grand gathering of her near and dear ones. She would enjoy any gesture of appreciation from you, with great pleasure and would take it as an honor. With a heart that melts very easily, you can pamper your mom with easily. To make the Mother's Day memorable, try to bring all her children and close relatives together. Even though there are a number of people gathered, she must be made to feel truly special day. All the people who have gathered there should narrate some exciting and memorable experiences they ever shared with her. She should be cajoled to sing some of her favorite songs.

A Leo mother is combination of different emotions. She is extremely lovable, possessive and protective but at the same time, strict and dominating. She is lenient to her teenaged child and can understand the feelings and thoughts of her child. She believes in her child and hence, may not inspect or interfere with their affairs. However, if you break her trust, she won't think twice before tightening the rules and becoming strict. Neither she takes things for granted nor does she allow you to do so. If she doubts that her children are not paying enough respect to her, she may even pout in regal silence. A Leo mother may not hesitate to romp with you, she may be too lenient in many things, may even pamper you with big sums in pocket and grant your luxurious demands, but she always care to teach you that life is not a bed of roses. However, she won't hesitate to withdraw all these privileges if you fail to meet her expectations. So be careful about your gestures and habits. A proud mother who gallantly announces your achievements and accomplishments, but she may not accept your mistakes. She may appear to be playful and witty, but she always keeps an eye on you and she definitely knows how to track your activities. She is strong enough to protect you and highly understanding that you cannot find a better friend than her.

Ideal Mother's Day Gift
The Leo Moms feel elated and joyous when presented with something like sunflower blossoms - the sunflowers define the Leo mothers completely. And if she is presented with a handmade card, it will be like icing on the cake! You know that your mother is proud of you and your family. So, try arranging a party rather, a get together with all the family members and immediate relations, but make sure to maintain the suspense. If you are patient enough to try a craft, then you may make a card with her favorite family photo. Scribble down something about her in the card and a good Mother's Day gift is ready. If you cannot make it with the family photo, then the next option is bright blooms. If you can plan it ahead, then you may gift her with a vase painted with some sweet memories with the family. Do not forget to place some fresh flowers in that vase before you gift it to her. Whatever you gift, try to give it a personal touch so that it stays near to her heart. Happy Mother's Day!