Know about your Libran mother's personality and likings and make Mother's Day gifts accordingly. Our write up on Libra mothers will help you to choose your gifts.

Libra Mothers : Sep 23-Oct 22

Born between September 23 and October 22, Libra mothers come bundled with great motherly qualities. Libra mothers are very good at diplomacy. They maintain very calm psyche and cool attitude and are ready to mingle with their children. This helps them to sort out problems and difficulties with much ease. She is master at ironing out conflicts and drives away the fears of her kids. She is very liberal, which may make her children to often take her for granted. They also get spoiled as a result. This is the opportunity to spoil her right back. Libra mother is a kind of person who likes to be pampered. She also likes to be treated with absolute royalty. So plan something that is truly regal and befits her nature - massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, mud bath and body wrap are some of the ideas that can be tried out.

A Libran mother is possessive about her child and they don't allow anyone to point fingers on their children. No need to say that they devote chunk of her heart to their children. Libra mothers are born gentle, fun loving and liberal, but they don't pause to take strict action if they feel that their children are tentatively distracted. They will no longer be pleasant if they come to know that their children are moving away from their expectations. As in case of every mother, Libra mothers too are proud about their children and will gallantly announce their achievements. Born with a skill to handle things cool headedly, a Libran mother is always a source of solution to any problem faced by their children. Thus, apart from a mother, Libran mothers are great friends too. No need to say that she will chase out all difficulties that confront you and would make your way much smoother to move further. Highly caring, a Libran mother would never let you feel alone or ignored. Dependable and strong, she would be of great support to you whenever you come across any hurdle and help you withstand any strong storm. Being highly sentimental, romantic and sympathetic at heart, Libran mothers treat their children regally and would also expect you to treat them the same manner.

Ideal Mother's Day Gift
Libran moms are sentimental, romantic and sympathetic at heart and hence, you need to be selective while getting her a gift. It would be a thoughtful act if you get her something that tells you how important she is to you and how much you respect her. It would be wonderful if you can present her with a short and simple poem citing some important thing from your childhood days, evoking those sweet memories once again. She would be pleased to know that you remember those days and her efforts to make you happy always. Librans love flowers and hence, presenting her with a beautiful bundle of roses would be great. It would be even better if you could give some personalized gifts like a vase printed with a family photo or even a beautiful photo frame with a family photo. No need to say that she will be touched and moved to receive such gifts from her beloved child. If you are ready to test your craft skills, then try to make a personalized Mother's Day card for her. All that you need to remember is that Libran mothers love to be pampered and would be pleased if you gift something which suits her taste. It could be either simple homemade gifts or an expensive gift if you can afford luxury.