Through this write up on mother's zodiac, have a look on personality of Aquarian mothers and select the suitable Mother's Day gift for your mom.

Aquarius Mothers: Jan 20-Feb 18

Aquarius mothers will encourage their children to live independently and will be a great friend to them. This category of mothers shows less emotions and affection and keeps their feelings to themselves. The same happens with her love life as well. She is indeed loyal, but at the same time seems to be a little detached. Commitment and being faithful are also the features of this zodiac sign, but she does not like to be bound to anyone. The profile of an Aquarius female also includes the characteristics of being confused and inconsistent.You can compare a mother of Aquarius sign to a butterfly. She sits on almost every flower she comes across, but does not belong to anyone of them.

She gives her children ample freedom and likes to be given her own space as well. More than money, it is power and position that mostly matters to her. To get the maximum love from her, you have to hold to yourself the qualities of truth and honesty and she will love you limitlessly. It is a common feature of the Aquarian mothers that they are less passionate and her love cannot be assumed and is most of the times subtle. Never try to be unfaithful to her, because it is something that will hurt her most and this will indeed take long time for it to heal.

Your Aquarius mother is always a patient listener and will surely listen to your adolescent problems and your childhood excitements as well. If you feel she does not express much of her love or care for you, don't worry because this is present in their zodiac. They fail to express it when they have loads in their heart. She loves to travel and is not much into fashion. She prefers to wear something that is comfortable, but surely not flashy colors. Your Aquarius mother is talkative, honest and loves adventures. She is also someone who loves to experiment rather than listening to the instructions of someone. An Aquarius mother is intelligent, imaginative and finds any subject under the sky to be interesting and does not stay away from pursuing her interests.

You can very well say that an Aquarius mother is everybody's friend. She loves to give advice to the needy and express her opinion on interesting subjects as well. She is extremely social and maintains her circle of friends quite well. She can talk to almost every type of person of different age and class. Your Aquarius mothers have charming manners and would love to know the innermost thoughts and emotions of a person. However, at the same time, she does not like to reveal their innermost feelings to anyone at all.

An Aquarius mother will make her children feel special though she fails to express the immense amount of love and care for them. She will rightly teach her kids the qualities of truthfulness and humanity. She is never possessive and is someone who loves to be more of a friend and loves to be jolly. Also, she will consider your friends with the same attitude. She can never bore anyone with her talks, as she will have interesting facts with her on almost all the subjects. Cherish her because you are lucky to have an Aquarius mother!