Want to know about the personality of Cancerian Mothers. Have a look on this write up about Cancer zodiac.

Cancerian Mothers: Jun 22-Jul 22

Biggest strength being nurturing others, Cancerian mothers maintains an outstanding relationship with their children. Very caring and extremely comforting is what defines Cancerian moms the best. Deeply caring and sympathetic lovers, Cancer mothers will do anything for their children. Being a mixture of toughness and softness, it may be difficult to get their character, but once you have figured them well, they are not at all difficult to manage. It is not their fault if they seem to be too sentimental - it is the characteristic of Cancer mothers. Their love is noble; they do not expect anything in return and are easily swayed by the emotion of the moment.

Being deeply emotional, any unexpected deed from her child would shatter her wholly. However, it is easy to convince her, as she is hardly stubborn. Cancer moms have retentive memory. So don't think she will forget things easily. Untidy, sulky, devious, moody - their mood changes from time to time. However, they tend to maintain a friendly relationship with their children and stay on their side in adverse situations. You can try praising her because she loves flattering, especially from her loved ones. Cancerian mother is sweet, traditional, unpredictable, enigmatic and fanciful, yes, as it reveals, she maintains a mix of different emotions. She loves living in luxury, traveling, and taking care of her house. She finds happiness in simple things. Try taking her to some nearby towns for antique shopping, you will find her enjoying it happily. Strongly maternal, Cancerian mother likes to stay at home and care for the family.

Though highly intuitive, Cancer mother is naturally talented to nurture and knows exactly how to make her children feel comfortable and secure. Extremely loving and gentle, she has a kind heart and knows how to read your feelings and how to support you emotionally. Strongly maternal and homely, Cancer mothers have great regards for their family. It is because of her loving nature that you feel like clinging to her every time, even after growing up. She fills the home with warmth of love, brightness and comfort. She is a mother who pampers you a lot and probably feeds you with your favorite dishes every time. Being highly anxious about you, she may interfere in your maters every now and then, which may irritate you, but she never thinks ill about you. Apart from this, a cancer mother is strong enough to find a resort whenever you go through times of crisis.

Gifts For Cancerian Mothers
Blessed with great welcoming attitude, Cancerian mothers love to have family and friends, to organize parties and to entertain at home - they make great hosts. So, arrange a grand get together at your home by inviting all the close relatives and her offspring's. This will make her day! They adore being covered with presents, flower and attention so go ahead and arrange some of the most beautiful and bright flowers for your dear mom. Cancerian mothers love living in luxury, traveling, and taking care of their house. Gifting some antique present like cups, saucers or bric-a-bracs would make them happy as they love past and tradition.So, get a wonderful mother's day gift and pamper your Cancerian mother on this very special day.