Have a look on the following page to know about the zodiac personality of Pisces mothers. Select a suitable mother's Day gift for your Piscean zodiac mother.

Piscean Mothers: Feb 19 - Mar 20

Piscean women eagerly looked forward to motherhood. From day one, her child becomes her world. She can be caring and strict at the same time. A Capricorn son makes into a Pisces mothers favorite list, they both are silent workers, committed to their family responsibilities, expecting nothing much in return. Pisces mothers live in their own world of fantasy. They have their own dream and creativity. They are very good hearted and compassionate, they always live their life in their own terms and style. Being fancy and creative are in their system. They have a golden heart, they naturally gravitate to children and shower kids with unconditional love children crave for. For her, children are never wrong; she soothes them, spoils them and cheers them on their every accomplishment. She will also cherish every moment that her child spends with her. They are very protective and can make any sacrifices for her children's happiness sake.

Zodiac Personality Of Pisces Mothers
At times Piscean mothers are a little too easy going and might lack discipline, but they still make wonderful mothers. It is so because they always want to be a part of their children's world, she understands her child's world so much may be because she never truly left it. As a mother, she spoils her children, she is so emotional and sentimental that she burst into tears every time her child cries. Enforcing discipline in her children is something that doesn't come easily to her. When it comes to her child, she is prepared to face every possible obstacle and ready to help her child in all possible ways. However, be careful and make sure that you never allow your mom to become a doormat. Once their children are on their feet, they tend to depend on them. They always try to involve their young children in discussions. Mothers can achieve wonders and when asked during an emergency, she will always be there. She is always concerned with the spiritual welfare of her child as much as you are in giving physical help.

Gifts For Piscean Mother's
Piscean women are dreamy, creative and spiritual. It would best if you gift her chiffon scarf or a veiled hat, as she loves to dress-up. An electronic gadget like digital camera is also a great option, since Piscean often makes exceptional photographers. Meditation tapes will keep Piscean mothers on an even spiritual upsurge, while written poem by her child will touch her heart. A day at the spa or the latest fantasy novel or even video game can make her feel special and you can easily cheer her up by supporting her creative side with a music, poetry, dance or photography-themed gift. You can take her to a musical show or a nice feel-good movie. With Piscean mother, you can never go wrong with a new fish for her aquarium or water sports equipment. You can take her wherever you want to and whichever place, but make sure you choose a spot that makes her forget her real life for some time. You will be amused to see how happy she will be.