This section helps you to know the personality of Gemini mothers and choose the right Mother's day gift for her.

Gemini Mothers: May 21-Jun 21

It may not surprise you if someone says that your mom has a sixth sense. You might have experience it several times, as a surprise gift with stuff exactly what you were looking for or as a consolation even if you never shared your worries with her. Yes, your Gemini mother has learned you in each and every moment, from the moment you formed in her womb. She had delivered you, nurtured you, cared you and had always observed you. She can read a small change in your face, even if you didn't share it with her. Gemini mothers are generally quick witted and they have that sixth sense which let them to know about you and your schemes, so you can't surprise her with your imaginative Mother's Day plans. If you want to do that, then you will really have to outsmart her! Gemini is an air sign and these mothers are generally playful and forthcoming. Such mothers like to enjoy a cocktail party with all of her closest and dear friends. One must not take Gemini mothers and their emotions too seriously because they themselves don't take these things seriously.

You are one of those fortunate children to have an understanding mother. However, they very strict but enjoy playing with their children. She is blessed with great humor and light heartedness and you may not find it difficult to get along with her even during your teenage years, as your mom understands you more than any other person in this world. She may get emotional at times, especially when you oppose her, but never takes that to heart and becomes light and bright easily. It doesn't mean that you can fight with her every time, regular fights may disappoint her. You mother is generally lenient and never block your ways or question you unless she feels you are getting pivoted from the right track. Though she appears to be cool, she is much concerned about your performance and future. She proudly celebrates your success and becomes immensely happy at your achievements. She may do any help to you, but never think that she will let you go without doing your homework. Love for books is characteristic of Gemini mothers and they will inspire their children to do the same.

Having told that your Gemini mother has a sixth sense, you should be very careful while organizing anything special for your mother or else, you will end up with a flop surprise. She will definitely know that you are planning something and by throwing a glance at the calendar she could easily make out that you are planning something for the forthcoming Mother's Day. So, keep it a secret if you really want to see a surprise in your mom's face.

Ideal Mother's Day Gift
A typical Gemini mother loves a bouquet of bright and colorful flowers and will appreciate it. But that alone won't do, you should plan some gifts as well. Book would be a good choice as many Gemini mother's love reading. Finding the type of book she is interested in is your duty. To add to her surprise, you can arrange a party and invite your little friends at it. Serve something your mom likes very much. Of course, you can ask your father to help you, but make sure that he has a strong heart so that he just go an open the secret to your mom. Now, do not wait, pamper your mom with an adorable gift and your mother will enjoy it for sure. Happy Mother's Day!