To make a suitable Mother's Day gift to your Scorpion mother have a look on this write up about personality of scorpion mothers.

Scorpio Mothers: Oct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpion women are fiercely independent, once they make up their mind they can accomplish whatever they want and will never give up. On the other side of scorpion woman, they are very emotional, demanding and demonstrative. She is full of style and intrigue, she is full of mystery, sensuality and passionate. They prefer being or presenting themselves as a cool, detached and unemotional, but beneath lies a terrific power, acute strength, deep passion, a strong will and a determined drive. They have a very keen mind, so do not be astounded if they ask questions, it is just that they are trying to dig deeper and figure out and examine the situation. Scorpions usually tend to dictate and control anyone who lets them, or anyone that they find weak. On the other hand, these people whom they respect and hold close to them are treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. Scorpions are known to be controlling and very ambitious, but they do it only to make themselves feel safe.

Qualities Of Scorpion Mothers
With all the qualities a scorpion woman has, there is a different level of love and care a scorpion mother pours on her children. When it comes to her children, it is selfless love. She tends to truly understand the concept of selfless love. Being a child of Scorpion mother, you will always be on the receiving end of this unbroken, endless love. Mothers love giving small cute surprises to her children; she might surprise you with a chocolate cake or would have organized your room whenever you return from sleepover with friends. Scorpion mothers will do anything to protect her child from others, sometimes mother uses her dominating power for good instead of evil. She will provide plenty of discipline and she will also demonstrate her children why discipline is necessary. Children will feel safe and secure with her being around. Mothers always look for ways to do things better, even if she realizes that she is wrong, she will be completely comfortable in admitting it. She has the power of sincere apology, which is just vulnerable as all the hugs and kisses the child receives. Scorpions are very secretive, for mothers it mostly falls along the line of grace and humility. So in simple words you do not see your mother babbling secrets to everyone, hence, you can trust upon sharing your secrets to her, as it will remain with her forever.

Gifts For Scorpion Mother
They like mysterious gift like dark clothing or which has a hidden use. Gifting them binoculars or a spy novel or a scavenger hunt would be great for their keen nature to dig the information out. You can also gift your mother a crystal piece and jewelry, or you can take her to a spa and pamper her with a massage. Scorpio moms have a distinctive attitude; their taste invariably goes towards loving plant life. They are also attracted to botanical life, so gifting them a flower plant or even an herbal plant will again be a great idea. She respects a plant inheriting danger! A cactus with more spikes and oddly shaped or mysterious allured orchid will good to gift her on this Mother's Day.