In New Zealand, Mother's Day is a concept that has come from the West. Explore what kind of celebration takes place there on mother's day.

Mother's Day In New Zealand

Mother is the only person who doesn't care if you puked milk or drooled on her, instead she is the one who will always call you cute and kiss you goodnight. She will scold you but in the end will be the last person standing beside you. Similar to most of the western countries, mother's day celebration in New Zealand take place on the second Sunday of May. Since the concept has been taken from the west, the celebration idea and the reason behind it are also the same. New Zealanders celebrate mother's day with great emotions and feelings. They realize that the contribution of a mother in a child's life is unfathomable and that there needs to be a day that is completely dedicated to such a wonderful being. For them, mother's day commemorates the efforts of a mother and the role she plays in a person's life. Sometimes she is our mother, and other times she behaves like a friend who understands us so better. No matter what we do, we can never detach ourselves from our mothers, not even if she is a foster-mother as the warmth she provides never changes.

When we are in deep trouble she will be there backing us up. The truth can't be denied, she is always awake for us irrespective of the fact that she may be tired working all day. Mothers are like a support system for us without whom we cannot survive and can't even function. After meaning so much to us how can we not celebrate mother's day and enjoy it too. Same feelings New Zealanders have for their mums and that is why it is rejoiced over there.

The idea of mother's day originated from ancient Greek and Roman times to honor Rhea, the mother of the gods and Hilaria, the mother goddess Cybele. Since then, the day of honouring mothers spread across the world and today almost all the countries have adopted it. New Zealand, the land of kiwis, is also on the same list and the idea or concept is catching hold in New Zealand as well. The people there celebrate the day with great pomp and show and show a great zeal and enthusiasm for it. On mother's day, the environment in New Zealand is totally colourful. Children undertake special efforts to please their mothers. In this country also, commercialization has brought about a lot of awareness of the day, thereby increasing its importance all the more. The people have been made aware in advance about the coming of the auspicious day.

From giving flowers to taking Moms out for dinner, to having a family picnic, pampering them in a spa, baking cakes to serving breakfast in the bed, the options for New Zealanders are aplenty. On this special day, they not only remember their mother, but also other women who have contributed to their life, like their grand mother, aunt, nanny, etc. The day not only revives the bond between a mother and a child, but also brings them closer. On this day, children also give rest to their mother from regular chores and take over her responsibilities.

In today's busy world mother's day makes you feel nostalgic as it reminds you of your childhood; moreover, you get some time to meet and enjoy with your mother, out of your daily routine tasks. It is the day that brings the family and mother (family's pivotal link) together and gives you another reason to celebrate and stay happy. In short, mother's day is a happy occasion in New Zealand.

Mother's Day Date New Zealand:
2016 - May 08
2017 - May 14
2018 - May 13
2019 - May 12