In Ireland, Mother's Day dates back to the medieval age. Explore how people in Ireland make merry during mother's day celebration.

Mother's Day in Ireland

"There is but one and only one whose love will fail you never. One who lives from sun to sun with constant fond endeavor. There is but one and only one on earth there is no other. In Heaven a noble work was done when God gave man a Mother."

This Irish quote definitely speaks the gospel truth that mothers are a precious gift to us by God. With their unconditional love they have nurtured us to adulthood; mothers are truly the makers of this world. A country that has given the world color photography, cure for leprosy, Trans Atlantic calls and of course the timeless Irish music must have mothers who really raise their young ones in the best of what bringing up may call for. May be all along, the Irish knew the sublime role of mothers in their lives which is why celebration of mother's day (Mothering Sunday) in Ireland dates back since time immemorial.

In Ireland, mother's day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the Christian fasting month of Lent, instead of second Sunday of May. In United Kingdom en bloc, mother's day is also known as Mothering Sunday. The time exactly is marked three weeks before Easter Sunday and usually falls in the second half of March or the start of April. Though it is celebrated on a different days, the feelings and emotions attached to it are the same. The day is devoted to all the mothers, for the pains and hardships they have taken to make life better for their children. All the children in the world realize the importance of mother and the contributions she makes in their life and hence, a day like this gives them an opportunity to thank her for all what she has done. This day is awaited by the sons and daughters of Irish mothers with great excitement as the event helps them show how much they care for their mothers. While mother's day may look like a very modern concept, honoring the leading lady of the house was already present in the rich Irish tradition.

Mother's Day is not a new concept in Ireland, finding its roots in the medieval age. In 16th century, children of poor families were sent to work for the rich, as domestic help or apprentice. During the month of Lent, these children were given a holiday to visit their 'Mother Church' and worship Virgin Mary. These children, after visiting their Mother Church, would go and meet their own mother and also take some flowers along. After industrial revolution, situations changed and there was a pause to any such celebration. The festivity was later revived, after the World War II, by the American soldiers who brought the concept of mother's day which was merged with Mothering Sunday. The festival consequently was spread in European countries as well. Today most of the Europeans find the line separating mothering sunday from mother's day blurry. But one can easily differentiate the two by knowing the historical backdrop of each celebration: mother's day is relatively a newer annual event while mothering sunday had been celebrated since ages.

The Irish definitely leave no stone unturned to make the celebration of mother's day a grand gala. Today, mother's day is celebrated with great pomp and show all across Ireland. Though, the emotion associated with the celebration is the same, the way of expression has changed a bit. Commercialization has crept into the articulation process. Along with the traditional flowers, cards, and gifts are given to mothers on this day. People in Ireland also make their mothers feel special by doing small things for them, like making meals or taking her out for dinner. Special programs, drama, and theater are also organized to admire the efforts of women.

Mother's Day Date Ireland:
2016 - March 06
2017 - March 26
2018 - March 11
2019 - March 31