Mother's Day celebration in Canada takes place with great pomp and show. Check out how Canada basks in the glory of mother's day.

Mother's Day in Canada

Mothers are respected and loved universally. The mother's day in Canada falls on the second Sunday of May each year. Irrespective of the day and date of celebration, mother's day is celebrated with the same spirit all over the globe. After Christmas and Valentine's Day, mother's day is the most popular festival in Canada. Like any other part of the world, people in Canada pay their tributes, express their love, and thank them. Children make it a point to greet their mothers and grandmothers, and any motherly figures in their life. Those who are far off make a distant call, that creates highest phone traffic congestion on occasion of mother's day. It also defines the popularity of the festival in Canada. A famous Canadian author Robertson Davies quotes - "All mothers think their children are oaks, but the world never lacks for cabbages". How instinctively told that, to a mother her child remains the best and vice-versa. Mothers in Canada receive cards, gifts, and flowers as common gestures of love. Read the article for more insight into mother's day celebration in Canada.

Mother's Day Celebrations In Canada
Mother's day in Canada is not a federal holiday. However, it falls on Sunday, which is a government holiday, and most of the organizations, schools and government organizations are closed. Though, commercial business is at its peak due to mother's day celebrations. Usually it is at house that you see the family buzz that makes up a home but on this day even public places are abuzz with the warm family ambiance. You will find hustle-bustle in malls, and restaurants busier than usual as people usually treat their mothers out.

Though mother's day is celebrated throughout the world early celebrations originated from Canada's neighboring country USA. A range of flowers with different colors and genus symbolize ones love and affection; Carnations in particular are a popular mother's day symbol in both Canada and USA. Some people also show their solidarity with the festivity by choosing to wear a carnation as a brooch on mother's day. Nevertheless, other flowers are also used to grace the occasion.

Canada is a technologically developed country and festivals and celebrations are commercialized to a large extent. On mother's day celebrations in Canada, sales of greeting cards break all the records. Children who stay far away from homes make personal phone calls to their mothers and wish them. A family gathering and organizing parties is also a part of mother's day celebration. On such a day Canadians are occupied with the chores that otherwise their mothers would do. All the activities center on the occasion so that the children can show how they reciprocate the maternal care with their love which can be in the form of food, activity or funfair. Mothers are treated to lavish family breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners either at home, at a cafe or at a restaurant. There are special recipes prepared on mother's day by family. Special, delicious cakes and cookies are baked by children and gifted to the mothers. There is no sign of snow in Canada in the month of May but there is still some chill in the air. This time of the year when the glorious sun radiates its subtle warmth in the air, outdoor activities, like picnic on the occasion of Mother's Day becomes an embellishment to the occasion.

Mothers are pampered with personalized handmade gifts, coupons as they take a day off from the kitchen. Children write mother's day poems and messages to gift it to their mothers. People in Canada gift chocolates, jewelry, clothes, handmade items, and gift vouchers. Children also gift their mother's movie tickets or tickets of her favorite play. One of the favorites of mothers day gift are fresh flowers, bouquets are arranged in artistic manner and presented to dear mothers. Handmade photo frames, collages, and family albums are one of the ways the Canadian people express their love and gratitude for mothers. Such gifts are not just the articles for the occasion but they also serve as nice memorabilia that remind the mother's day celebration with the Canadian quintessence.

Mother's Day Date Canada:
2016 - May 08
2017 - May 14
2018 - May 13
2019 - May 12