Mother's Day celebration in Mexico takes place with a difference. Read on to know more about how mother's day is celebrated in Mexico.

Mother's Day In Mexico

In Mexico, mother's day is celebrated on the 10th of May, every year. Mexicans have a fixed date for celebrating this special day, unlike the Americans who celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. For Mexicans, it is the time to reflect and rejoice the greatness which motherhood encompasses within itself. A mother bears a lot of pain, trouble and suffering while bringing her child to the world and continues to sacrifice for him/her all her life. She sacrifices all her needs and wants to make the life painless and pleasing for her child. Such a day gives the child a chance to pay homage to that blessed soul.

In 1922, the concept of mother's day was brought in the country from USA, but it was discouraged by the conservative government as they believed that women are just for breeding. With the efforts of socialist government, media, and Catholic Church, this notion was changed and May 10 was declared Mother's Day in Mexico. Its importance in Mexican culture is noted with the fact that it is regarded as a significant holiday. In 1940, Soledad Orozco Garcia, wife of President Manuel Avilla Camacho declared 10th May a holiday, thus making it a state-sponsored celebration and that is when Mexicans realized the holiness of mother's day. Orozco's announcement was supported by the Catholic National Synarchist Union that started paying attention to the importance and celebrations of the day. At that time, an interesting custom was started by the members of the Party of the mexican revolution. Women from poor families were invited to their shops to pick a gift, for free! Another heart-touching historical event is worth mentioning, when in 1942 the government returned sewing machines to the mothers whose pawn shops were occupied as they were not able to pay loan. Though this act cost $160,000 to the pawn market, but it proved to be the most precious gift to the mothers who used sewing machines to earn a living for their families.

Today also, Mexicans start the day with great enthusiasm and gusto. Children get up early in the morning and sing beautiful songs dedicated to their mothers. It is celebrated with a mass at the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, where an orchestra plays 'las maņanitas' of the Virgin. The Virgin here is symbolical of motherhood. After the mass, Mexicans follow a wonderful custom of providing early morning meal to all the mothers. The meal involves distribution of 'tamales' and 'atole'.

Many-a-times, kids celebrate the day at school with their mothers. It happens when the day falls on a school day. They sing songs, dance, tell jokes, and sometimes perform a short skit. Lunch or Dinner is arranged in a restaurant, for which booking is done many weeks prior to mother's day.

Apart from giving the conventional flowers, Mexicans also indulge in the custom of giving gifts to their mother. Whilst the older children give expensive gifts to their mother, the young ones make her happy with handmade gifts. However, all of them have a single aim - to make the day special for their mother. They want is to let their mother know that they realize her importance and she holds a very special place in their life, which no one else can take over.

Mexico celebrates mother's day in the honour of womanhood and making others realize the strong role of a mother in the family, who binds everyone together. Mexicans justify the fact with their immense loyalty and love for mothers.

This day, irrespective of geographical boundaries, is celebrated with great zeal and happiness. It reminds us all about the joy and warmth we get after hugging our mothers who take all our pains away.

Mother's Day Date Mexico:
2016 - May 08
2017 - May 14
2018 - May 13
2019 - May 12