The concept of Mother's Day is new in India, but is fast catching up with the people. Explore more on mother's day celebration in India.

Mother's Day In India

The concept of mother's day is in its infancy stage in India, but is catching up with the other major festivities celebrated in the culturally diversified country. Indians celebrate a lot of festivals as it is and the kind of success this western conception has received is surely commendable. Mother's day is not an entirely a novel concept in India. Ancient wisdom in India has always professed that a mother shares the same pedestal as a Goddess. People have been celebrating Durga Puja-honoring the divine Mother Durga and the Great Mother-Kali Ma, however a day dedicated to a person's own mother was something new.

Another reason why mother's day was quickly accepted as a calendar event in the Indian society is due to the immense respect that Indians generally have for their mothers. Indian traditions strengthen the emotional bond between a mother and her offspring. The sacrifices mothers make for her offspring are matchless. Thus, it was, may be always a need in the Indian society to dedicate a day for mothers when they will fondly be remembered and celebrated for what they are.

Thanks to globalization, this western festival of mother's day has found its place in India as well. Commercialization has given its celebration the much needed awareness. While the concept has found a respectable position in the metropolitan cities, it is fast spreading in the smaller cities as well. Similar to the western countries, the celebrations in India are held with great pomp and show. Indians also realize the importance of this day and dedicate it to the efforts undertaken by their mothers in their upbringing. A day when people celebrate the role of the most important woman in their lives, mother's day calls for a jovial celebration that can be cherished and celebrated.

Similar to what is celebrated in the west, mother's day in India is an occasion when people are grateful to have the most important figure that shapes their lives. The festive spirit coupled with the company of family members, simply makes the occasion a blissful one. The celebration also marks as an event to reflect upon the innumerable pains a mother goes through, from the time one is born till the time one becomes an adult. An occasion like mother's day is a time to express our immense gratitude to mom who was always there to lend a hand and support us whenever we needed.

Giving cards as a token of gratitude to mothers is generally the basic custom in mother's day in India. There can be an assortment of activities to convey your love for your mother. Cooking proves to be the top most favorite activity to celebrate the special day dedicated for mothers, who can take a day out when her children cook her favorite dish. Presenting gifts to mothers is also a trend that is on the rise in India. The concept of celebrating mother's day is to make your mother feel special with a thought that being a mother is the proudest achievement one can boast of. On this special occasion mothers should be amply adored and should be thanked for bringing you in to this world.

There are various programs held in India, with respect to the day, and an assortment of women oriented products are also launched. Children of all ages celebrate the festival with great zeal and gusto. Cards and flowers top the gift list on mother's day. Kids also make special meals and let their mother have a day off from kitchen. Mothers are pampered on this day. Just like westerners, Indians too reflect and express appreciation for the contributions made by their mother throughout their lives.

Mother's Day Date India:
2016 - May 08
2017 - May 14
2018 - May 13
2019 - May 12