Mother's day is celebrated as Fête des Meres in France. Read on the article for some more interesting facts.

Mother's Day in France

One of Napoleon's famous quotes is - 'The future of a child is the work of his mother". Mother is said in various ways around the world and in France, it is "Mere". Most part of the world celebrates mother's day on second Sunday of May while in France, la fête des meres is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. However, the day of celebrating mothers is shifted to first Sunday of June, if the day of Pentecost occurs on the same day. The tradition of honoring mothers was made official in 1950 and was inaugurated by Napoleon. Much like in America, this day in France, calls for a variety of honors for mother. It is usually a family affair, and mothers are treated with gifts, cards, poems, flowers, dinners, or they are simply allowed to relax and chill. Ask a small child about his or her mother and they would reply" My mommy is the best", how true we all must say this for our mums. Everything you achieve in life is the result of her efforts and sacrifice. In trying times, her strength and wisdom guides you. When you are down, her zest for life inspires you. To honor her selfless services, children and adults throughout France take the opportunity on mother's day to make their mother the centre of attention. Check out some ways of celebrations in French style.

How Is Mothers Day Celebrated In France
The French celebrate mother's day traditionally by honoring her with a cake. It resembles like a bouquet of flowers. A family dinner is the norm for mother's day in France. France is a country of wine and grapes. Some families celebrate mother's day differently, by gifting champagnes, or wines that the French prefer. Children in France make cards, crafts, or write poems to gift them to their mothers. Many families treat their mothers by cooking a breakfast or giving her a treat of a perfect mother's day brunch in style. People in France are connoisseur of food. They have a special taste for cheese and chocolates. And so, French mothers are treated to their favorite delicacies in a variety of flavors. Fashion and perfume is another important aspect of lifestyle in France. Gifting coupons or shopping for them are some of the great ideas for French families. In France whether it's a pleasant conversation over a glass of wine, organizing a party, or playing indoor and outdoor games with family, mother's day is made playful and celebratory. Art and literature has always been in forefront and an important part of culture of France. Gifting paintings and books of favorite authors is also a part of celebration ideas of mother's day in France. The French have a spiritual connection with cosmetics and perfumes. Presenting mothers with gift baskets of their favorite brand's cosmetics or spa coupons make them feel special. Some beautiful quotes combined with gifts and surprises make your mother feel out of the world. Select any of the best quotes and make your mother feel proud of her!

Quotes and Sayings about Mothers
Tendresse maternelle, toujours se renouvelle-A mother's affection is always new. (French proverb)

À l'oreille de tous les enfants "maman" est un mot magique.-To a child's ear, "mother" is magic in any language.-Arlene Benedict, writer (original quote in English)

Maman tu es la plus belle du monde car tant d'amour inonde tes jolis yeux.-Mom you are the most beautiful in the world, for so much love floods your pretty eyes.-Henri Salvador, a French jazz singer and composer.

Une maman formidable donne toujours une grand-mere exceptionnelle.-A great mother always makes an exceptional grandmother.-Jean Gastaldi, French writer.

Ma Maman est une Maman comme toutes les Mamans, mais voilà c'est la mienne.-My Mom is a Mom like all Moms, but she's mine. - Mick Micheyl, French actress from the 1960's.

Dieu ne pouvait être partout, alors il a cree la mere-God couldn't be everywhere, so He created mothers. (Jewish proverb)

L'avenir d'un enfant est l'oeuvre de sa mere-The future of a child is the work of his mother. -Napoleon Bonaparte.

Le coeur d'une mere est un abîme au fond duquel se trouve toujours le pardon.-The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.-Honore de Balzac, a 19th century French novelist and playwright.

L'amour de ma mere etait si grand que j'ai travaille dur pour le justifier-The love of my mother was so great that I had to work hard to justify it. - Marc Chagall, Russian painter.

La main qui berce l'enfant est la main qui domine le monde-The hand who rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.-William Ross Wallace, poet (original quote in English).

Mother's Day Date France:
2016 - May 29
2017 - May 28
2018 - May 27
2019 - May 26