Mother's Day is the perfect occasion for Australian people to pamper their mother. Read on to know about mother's day celebration in Australia.

Mother's Day in Australia

Mother's day is celebrated with great zeal and fanfare all across the world, including Australia. Similar to the people of United States, Australians celebrate the day on the second Sunday of May, every year. The day marks an excellent opportunity to thank and express the deep felt gratitude to one's mother. It is dedicated entirely to the leading lady of the family. Whilst the Super Moms sit back and relax on this particular day, children take up all their responsibilities. People of all the ages, from preschoolers to adults, contribute to make the day a special one for their mother.

The celebrations in Australia are similar to that in United States, except for the traditional custom of wearing a carnation. In Australia, colored carnations hold different meaning than the white ones. If a person is wearing a colored carnation, it signifies that his/her mother is living. On the contrary, a white carnation is worn to pay homage or tribute to a deceased mother. The carnation is the symbol of mother day in Australia as the flower is linked to Anna Jarvis (founder of mother's day holiday in United States), who is believed to have sent white carnations for a mother's day service on May 10, 1908 to West Virginia, USA. All across Australia, on mother's day, children thank their mom for the undying love and care she showers on them. Right from the morning tea to the evening party, they try to articulate their feelings through a number of small as well as large gestures.

Presenting gifts to mothers on the occasion of mother's day is a customary practice that is enrooted in the history of Australia. The tradition of presenting gifts to mothers on mother's day can be traced back to 1924 when Mrs. Janet Heyden, a resident of Leichhardt Sydney, started to visit patients at the Newinton State Home for Women. The hospital was home to a number of abandoned mothers with nobody in the world to give care. To bring happiness in the lives of these forlorn mothers, Mrs. Heyden decided to present gifts to them with the help of community. Another unique thing that sets apart the Australian mother's day is the Chrysanthemum flower. This autumn flower is specially presented to mothers.

In Australia not only mothers but step mothers, mother figures, relatives, and close family friends are also honored on the occasion. The event also encompasses social activities, where some organizations with specially employed mother's day patrons collaborate with the media and general community to raise awareness on mother's day. Together they collect donations for altruistic cause.

Celebration of mother's day in Australia is filled with activities and enthusiasm to contribute in whatever way one prefers. Many fruitful and rewarding activities are also organized, like walks or runs to raise money for causes like, breast cancer; visit to movies, zoo or botanical gardens; serving food together at home; reciting mother's day poems or stories printed in magazine, newspapers or broadcasted on radio or television; and if the weather is favorable, many opt to celebrate by organizing picnic in parks or beaches. Mother's day is also an excellent time for the Australians to surprise the mums with gifts and tokens of appreciation. Traditionally, gifting fresh flowers has been considered the best way to articulate the feelings. However, with changing times and commercialization, the options are varied. Cards, expensive gifts, home decorations, novelty gifts, flowers, chocolates, perfume and surprise evening party, all pave the way to an exceptional retort for the Australians to pamper their moms with. Years may come and go but Australians will surely not run out of ideas and activities to make every mother's day a special one.

Mother's Day Dates Australia:
2016 - May 08
2017 - May 14
2018 - May 13
2019 - May 12