Go through the article, to get some ideas on the themes that you can use for your Mother's Day party and have fun.

Mother's Day Party Theme

Themed parties are the order of the day. Such parties allow the host to get creative and explore the artistic sense in every aspect, right from the decoration to the food to the attire. A well-planned and executed concept party is sure to come as a sweet surprise for your mom. While there are many themes, which you can use for a party, a Mother's Day party requires special attention. Since the party is for your mom, the theme should be as per her liking. In the following lines, we have provided some party themes that you cannot go wrong with, while throwing a Mother's Day party.

Theme Ideas For Mother's Day Party

60s Theme

One of the most popular themes in parties, 60s theme would be ideal for Mother's Day party as well. And if your mother was born during that time, it would add to the merriment. In such a party, make sure that you have everything as per the style prevailing during the 1960s. Right from the invitation card, decoration, dress, games, and music to food, everything should sync with the party theme.

Bollywood Ishtyle
Everyone aspires to have a celebrity status in life, even if it's for a day. Give this chance to the guests in your Mother's Day party. Have 'Bollywood ishtyle' theme for the party. Inform your guests well in advance that they need to dress like a Bollywood celebrity. Have a red carpet at the entrance. Since it would be a like a high end party, make sure that everything is glamorously done. Right from the invites to the decoration, the crockery to the food prepared, everything should look chic and fashionable.

Hawaiian Look
Hawaiian theme is yet another hit formula you can vouch for, this Mother's Day. In such a party, flora and fauna takes over the party mood completely. Ask your guests to come in attire with floral prints. Instead of gold or silver jewelry, make use of flowers for necklace, bracelet, anklets, etc. The decorations should be done with flowers and music should be of the Hawaiian kind.

Favorite Color Theme
Choose one or two of your mom's favorite colors as the party theme and get everything done with these colors. Request your guests to come in the specific color. Decorate the party place in the same colors. As for the food, have at least one or two dishes that define the color theme of the party. The party is sure to come as a sweet surprise for your mom.

Animal Theme
A party based on animal is definitely going to make a memorable event for moms who are animal lovers. Such party should include wearing attires that resemble animals and decoration should remind everyone of the wild or jungle. Here's a secret that would boost your mother's happiness to another high level: get yourself dressed with the attire of your mother's favorite animal!

Royal Theme
A party based on royal theme is definitely going to provide flaunting extravagance and majesty. Decoration of the party hall should be splendid enough to give the royal impression. And above all, costumes of the occasion should befit the theme; hence make it a point to ask your guests to wear dresses that resemble royalty.

Horror Party Theme
Horror based theme parties are quite a rage nowadays and it will be an excitement filled affair to put this theme on Mother's Day party. You can experiment with an array of costumes and play with lighting for the room to give the desired scary atmosphere. Ask each and every one of the guests, including your mom to wear horror costumes and brace themselves for a ghostly fun filled party.