Favors extend the memories of a party. Go through the article, to get some ideas on the kind of favor you can give on a Mother's Day party.

Mother's Day Party Favors

While a party is mostly about great food, perfect ambience and good music, one can go a little ahead with added goodies and surprises as well. Favors prolong the memories of the party and have become essential components in today's time. For a Mother's Day party, when all the focus is directed at the guest of honor i.e. your mom, you can surprise your guests by giving them a token at the end. However, make sure that the party favors are something useful and worthwhile or something which would constantly be a reminder of the good time the guests had. In the following lines, we have provided some ideas, which you can use as favors for the Mother's Day party you are throwing.

Mother's Day Party Favors
  • Artificial Flowers: Presenting your mother withartificialflowers is a novel idea to make her feel special; moreover, it will act as the reminder of the occasion for perpetuity. No matter whether it is natural or artificial, a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers is sure way to proclaim your heart. But make sure to know what the different flowers depict, like red rose represents love, pink rose signifies gentility, while pink and red together symbolize warmth of heart. Similarly, Lilies represent purity and sweetness of mothers.
  • Designer Candles: If youaim to gift your mother with designer candles, then the unique way to make it special is designing the candles by yourself. Do watch some online tutorials by craft experts which will make your work easier.
  • Box of Chocolates: Presenting your mom with a box of chocolate is one of the sweetest ways to express your love and admiration for her. It is wise to choose the variety of chocolates that she likes.
  • Assortment of Candies: There will be an endless assortment of candies available in your nearest candy store. If you are spoilt for choice to choose as to which variety to pick then try to sought the help of your friends.
  • Costume Jewelry: Mothersbeing women of-course cannot resist to embellish their looks with ornamentations, like costume jewelry. Thus, if you are pondering to present bright beautiful trinklets then do not hesitate and go ahead, for it is a sure way to cheer her up on the special occasion.
  • Key Chains: Ifyou are on a thrift mode and want to express your love to your mom in stylish yet economical way then presenting attractive key chains is a very good idea.
  • Tea Set: This is rather more sophisticated present which depicts your desire for some interesting mother and daughter/son chit chat over a 'nice cuppa tea'.
  • Mother and Child Game: Another kind of present that you can gift your mother which will allow a quality pass time activity together is presenting interesting mother and child games.   
  • Table Clock: Another gift especially for working mother could be a table clock to keep her precious time in check.
  • Vase: A vase would make a great gift for mothers who are very particular and keen about the interior decoration of their house.
  • Writing Pad and Pen: Gifting writing pad and pen to your mother is another creative idea. You can suggest your mom to pen down her thoughts or write anything that pleases her; this would also help cultivating a good pastime hobby in leisurely hours.
  • Household Items: Gifting a piece of household item to mothers who are simply brilliant home makers will positively make her day.
  • Crockery: Nothingbeats the simple smilethat you can bring on your mother's face by replacing those old worn out steel platters with shiny new ceramic ones!
  • Little Potted Plants: A pleasant gift for mothers who are enthusiastic about gardening.
  • Gourmet Basket: Generally a fine present to gift your mom and very aptfor mothers who are meticulous in presentation.