Organizing a party for mother's day, you may need some party games. Check out for some cool mother's day party games.

Mother's Day Party Games

Mother's day is a fantastic occasion to honor your mom. On this occasion, you can organize a party and make it fun with some interesting games. After taking care of the decoration and food part, it's time to decide for the fun part. These include party games, which are not only entertaining but are also, icebreakers among the guests. As mother's day is more of a family thing where you will have aunts, grandmothers, cousins of different age groups, so plan to organize some simple games. Watch how the adults once again have a child like enthusiasm and energy. You can give the winners some gifts as prizes to remember the day. Keep away from technology and video games. Try some indoor games that can involve large group of members in the party to have real fun. Check out for some interesting games listed below.

Games For Mothers Day Party

Dumb Charades

It is an interesting game. Dumb charades is ideal for a big group of people. This is how dumb charades is played.

To play this game the total number of people is divided into two teams. Each team has equal number of players. A player from each team is called and given the name of a film or a song. Now this player has to explain the name of the film or song to his team members. Only actions are allowed. No word has to be uttered. If the team guesses the film or song right with a stipulated time it wins a point. Next it's the chance of the other team to follow. The game continues till all the members of the team enact at least once. The team with the maximum number of points wins the game.

How Well Do You Know Your Mom?
This is a fun game for mother's day party. This game becomes interesting when you have several 'mother & children 'pairings or groups. Check out:

The people in the party are split off with their family members. The mothers are asked to leave the room while the children are asked to stay. Same set of five questions are asked to each child or family about their mothers. The questions asked range from favorite color, food, secrets, moments, and embarrassments. Now the mothers are asked to come back to the room and are asked the same set of questions. Each team wins a point if the moms answer matches the child's answers. At the end of the game, the team with the most correct answers is the winner.

Photo-Matching Competition
This is a mother's day party game for a large gathering of people. Check out for how to play. Each family has to get a baby photo of a mom and a baby photo of the number of children in the family, to the party. Now the moms have to match correctly the children to their baby photos. Vice versa, the children have to match the moms to their baby photos, which is challenging for the children but fun. Each correct match earns a point. The winner of the party is the one who has the maximum number of correct matches.

Musical Chair
It is a fun and musical party game, played by a number of people. It is played in the following way. In a hall or open place, the chairs are arranged in a circular fashion. The total number of chairs is one less than the total number of people. Before the game starts all the players are asked to stand around the chair. As the music starts, the players have to move around the chairs. When the music stops, the each of the players has to seize a seat for themselves and sit on it. The one who is unable to grab a seat is out of the game. Now one more chair is removed and the game continues in the similar fashion. Finally, only a single chair is left with two players. The one who sits in the last lap is the winner of the game.