The advantages of having a rational mother are plenty. Margaret Thatcher belongs to this category.

Rational Mothers

A rational mother would be naturally very logical in their thoughts and actions. They would be absolutely even-tempered and of a fiercely independent nature. Their minds are constantly busy trying to understand how this world works.Their apmothers lack of emotion can be very easily mistaken for coldness but we must try and understand that deep down they are always busy in finding out a solution for making this world a better place for you to live in. They are very determined by nature and absolutely dedicated to the project in hand. Rational mothers will definitely make very balanced mothers.They are the least common and, subsequently, the most mysterious. There are few stereotypes of Rational mothers, except the absent-minded professor or scientist. Rationales' prize intelligent thought in their offspring. When their children begin to debate, they love to debate back and find out how far the child has thought things through.

Advantages Of Having A Rational Mother
If you as a mother are rational, fair, open minded and diplomatic, you will be a fine mothers. This doesn't mean never raising your voice, or getting angry. It doesn't mean that you will say yes politely to all requests. It means that rational mothers will think things out and assertively directing your child toward a better choice when needed.Rational mothers provide a home environment which encourages learning, debate, experimentation, and independent thinking. The family may have few traditions and rituals, but they will create their own memories by testing the limits of certain ideas. These mothers tend to engage in a lot of verbal humor. They like to play with words to mean several things at the same time, and they encourage their children to reciprocate. A person fortunate enough to be brought up by a mature rational mother generally has had their ideas refined and honed, is able to work independently on large projects which interest them, and knows how to think logically.

Margaret Thatcher is a very well-known personality among the rational mothers.Some of the potential problems for rationalmothers include excessive autonomy and a failure to connect sufficiently at the emotional level. Rationales' don't like anyone to tell them what to do, and they don't want to have to tell their children what to do if they don't have to. They may not recognize when a child needs more structure or they may have difficulty in consistently carrying out that structure. Since Rational tend to express few unpleasant emotions, they are likely to want their children to be the same. But with certain types, the more you try to push them to be calm, the more excitable they become.If you are a rational mother then whenever possible, seek out their information and opinions in their areas of expertise, and act on it. This will ensure that you respect what matters to them. It is possible that you may face some of their beliefs which you see as being dead wrong. Remember that they might have good reasons for those beliefs. Find out what those reasons are before trying to debate them.Whatever your issue is, approach it with your children together and offer logical explanations and solutions. Avoid crying, excessive anger, and any other emotional outbursts. Rational motherswill want you to be in control of yourself and your emotions. Rational mothers often offer stories about rational thinking. They provide examples of a bad choice that you are likely to make and how you can make a better one and life was better for it. Children with rational mothers should use their mothers' beliefs to show what the problem is and then ask them for a solution. She may come up with an idea you hadn't thought of.

A rational mother is always careful and calculative about her steps. It is also important to enjoy the mothering journey because it ends all too fast. Have a fun time with your mother this mother's day as you know the type of mom you have.