Find out the qualities in your mother to know her better. Read to know if she is an artisan mother like Madonna.

Artisan Mothers

Having an artisan mother is something like having an extra topping on pizza! Artisan mums are understanding, creative, free spirited, playful, daring, emotional and impulsive by nature. They are a little different from the regular moms. They want their children to be more creative and free willing rather than sticking to the tried-and-tested ways. Taking risk is a part of their nature. They always want their children to follow their heart. And a special mom like her truly deserves a Mother's Day celebration that is unique, creative and exclusive. Being an artisan, she will surely appreciate the thought and effort you put in making her a gift and celebrating the day in a unique way. So do not limit yourself to just the tried and tested. Tap your creative side and throw a mother's day bash that your mom will truly appreciate. After all what better way than Mother's Day to impress your mum with your creative genes.

Hand Painted Wooden Frame
Crafting wooden frame requires more concentration and a little extra effort. To make a wooden frame, you need to cut the wood into a desired shape, size and length. Join the pieces together with nails and wood glue. Keep away the hangers and hooks to be added later. If you are more skilled, then add silkscreen to create the basic outline of the design, and then paint rest of the details. After the paint dries, give a touch up and then varnish. Here you go - a beautiful finished creation is ready to adorn your mom's table.

Tree Of Hope
Surprise your mother by crafting a tree of hope ornament. For this, use a sundried wood. Give it the shape of a tree (outline of the tree). Paint the tree with green at the top and dark brown at the trunk. After it dries, add more features like two or three birds on it. If you want, you can write "hope" at the root or bottom of the trunk of the tree. Later you can give some touch up and varnish after the paint has dried. You can make it as a pendant or you can prepare a neckpiece.

Folk Art Step Stool
Be creative and patient while crafting this one. Work on the wooden step stool that you have or you can purchase from the store. Keeping a tree theme in mind, paint the exterior of the four legs like a rustic styled bark, and paint the interiors of the legs into green. Keeping green as the background color of the stool, paint three or four birds sitting on a branch, or squirrel eating nuts in the tree, or anything from your memories that you want to display on it. Allow it to dry then give touch up and varnish it.

Glass Bottle Flower Vase
This is very easy to make and less time consuming, all you need is an empty and clean bottles, deco patch papers, mini acrylic nuggets or half beads in colors contemplating with the papers, deco patch glue, and flat paintbrush and at last bottle jewel glue to adhere nuggets. Tear each paper in any size from two cm sized to five cm sized, you do not have to have any perfect shape at all. Now start applying glue to the bottles to adhere the first paper. Take the first piece of deco patch paper, begin to apply glue over and around the paper and then overlap the second piece of different pattered paper over the first one and continue with the painting over the paper and also around it to add the next piece. Repeat the procedure for all different papers and in this fashion until the entire bottle is covered. Now at last stick acrylic nuggets randomly onto the bottle for extra pep.

Try these simple crafts at home to gift your beloved mother for this Mother's Day.