Find if your mother is a guardian mother. Queen Victoria is a good example of Guardian Mother.

Guardian Mothers

Guardian mother may not be your real mother, but she is next to your mother. A guardian mother is married to two words - mother and love. "Mothering" is such a lovely word, the relationship so eternal and hence, without substitute. There is a special intimacy between a mother and her child. Motherhood enables a person to reach completion. Guardian moms have a supreme sense of responsibility, which makes them dependent and responsible mother like figures. Guardian moms are very trust worthy and loyal; you can share any secrets with them. There strong sense of right or wrong adds up to making them difficult to deal with. However, at the same time, being raised up by such mother will mean that you grow up to be a perfect individual. Guardian mothers will make a perfectionist out of you and will definitely bring out the best in you. Queen Victoria is the best example of guardian mothers.

Responsible Mum
The guardian responsibility is the same as those of parents. They are responsible for day-to-day nurturing of the child. They are very stern with the children. Even though they threaten a punishment, though not necessarily a severe one. They are also kind enough to forgive you. They also make efforts to earn child's respect, they involve them in some of the discussions in the house or sometimes decisions too. They acknowledge them when they do good things like clean or share their room. Guardian mothers take so much of effort in establishing a routine and stick to it as children thrive on predictability so it is very much important that a guardian mother to do the same things around the same time daily. Guardian mother stick to the routine to make it easier to manage the children and have free time for themselves. They instill values in children. Responsible guardian mother means teaching the children to be responsible. Courage, honesty, control and compassion are values that children need to learn and develop. Guardian mothers try to support children as much as possible; they try to avoid any contradiction, especially in front of the children. They keep in mind that she and her spouse or others are not adversaries, but a team. Being a responsible mother is the best thing you could do for children; good parenting is one of the hardest tasks that you might have to face as an adult. Always remember children are a reflection of you and your parenting.

Gifts For Guardian Mothers
So what if she has not given birth to you, in no way she is lesser than your own mother. Show her how thankful you are to her for her unconditional love and care that she has lavished on you for years. Take this Mother's Day as an opportunity to make her feel good by gifting her basket full of sweet treats or a flower bouquet and a cake along with it. Prepare her favorite meal and surprise her with your cooking skill. Alternatively, you can take her to the spa and indulge her. Arrange for picnic with her close friends let her take day off, and enjoy it as much as she wants to.